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Deeper partnership will mean better services for local people

Press release – August 4 2017


A deeper formal partnership between Wye Valley NHS Trust and its strategic partner, South Warwickshire NHS FT, will allow the Trusts to punch above their weight in terms of quality of services.

Bringing the two Trusts together to form a new “Foundation Group” will streamline the way the Trusts learn from each other and allow them both to benefit from the economies of scale they miss out on as they are both fairly small NHS Trusts.

And while the new partnership will bring the two Trusts together to look at areas such as service improvement and the way they share best practice, the new arrangement will also create a platform for both organisations to work more closely with local health and care professionals to create truly integrated and seamless services.

“The sustainability challenges faced by the NHS mean that we have looked at new ways of working to ensure the delivery of high quality health and care services for our local population,” said Glen Burley, who has been chief executive South Warwickshire NHS FT (SWFT) for more than ten years and also took on the role at WVT when the Trusts formed a strategic partnership at the end of last year.

“To further develop this partnership, and to help both trusts tackle the sustainability challenges faced by the NHS, our organisations must look at new ways of working to ensure we can deliver high quality health and care services for our local population.

“The focus will be on supporting more services to be delivered in an out of hospital setting and preventing ill health.”

However, Glen stressed that this was not a merger of the two Trusts as each will retain its local accountability and uniqueness.

“As we move forward it’s important to understand key strengths for both organisations; they are small, local and able to respond effectively to the needs of our communities. To achieve integrated services between primary, community, acute and social care we need to retain our ability to operate at this local level with our individual organisational culture and leadership.

“To protect and enhance these elements of our organisations we will put in place a new structure that will bring WVT and SWFT together in a more formal way, to maximise the opportunities available from being part of a wider group while retaining the ability to operate at a local level,” added Glen.

The new structure is called a “Foundation Group” which will appoint a joint board committee with board directors from WVT and SWFT. Wye Valley NHS Trust will also create a Stakeholder Council to create a forum where the Board can communicate directly with local stakeholders and staff and seek their views on the needs of our local communities.

It will also create a platform for both organisations to work closer with health and care professionals, moving towards accountable care systems delivering truly integrated services. (An accountable care system in Herefordshire will bring together health and care providers to collaborate closely to meet the needs of defined communities. They will have a budget from their commissioners and work to a contract with specific outcomes).

“It’s important to note that both Trusts will retain their own Boards and there will be no direct impact for the majority of staff. However, the new structure will strengthen our position within the NHS and will ensure we can continue to operate as two separate trusts to deliver the best possible services for our patients and service users.”


Note to Editors:

  • Wye Valley NHS Trust is the provider health services across Herefordshire and beyond. The Trust exists to improve the wellbeing, independence and health of the people we serve. We are the leading provider of health care in Herefordshire.
  • By working closely with our partners, we can make good our promise to deliver a quality of care we would want for ourselves, our families and our friends.
  • With an estimated annual turnover of around £160 million, we employ around 2,700 plus staff. We aim to build new relationships between our staff, patients, service users and their carers with the wider community.For further information please contact:

For further information please contact:

John Burnett, Communication and Engagement Manager, Wye Valley NHS Trust: 01432 372928 or Amanda Millichip, Communications Officer 01432 355444 ext. 5105.

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