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Hospital amnesty to help you breathe easier and sleep easier at night

Press release: September 19 2018


Everyone likes to sleep with a clear conscience, so an amnesty being run at Hereford County Hospital will help people breathe…and sleep easier.

Hospital bosses are asking that anyone who has a nebuliser, but does not need it any longer, contacts the Trust to arrange for its return.

The nebulisers can then be serviced and sent out to patients who need them.

It will mean that those who have been hanging on to their nebuliser unnecessarily will be able to sleep with a clear conscience knowing they have returned a key piece of medical equipment which has been recycled and is helping other patients.

Nebulisers are important pieces of equipment which turn medication or drugs into a mist which can then be breathed in through a mask or mouthpiece.

They are used by patients to relieve symptoms such as wheezing, breathlessness and chest tightness. They also help control build-ups of phlegm and mucus.

“We currently have more than 500 nebulisers out with our patients,” said Lead Respiratory Nurse Specialist Julie Manning, “but we’d like to appeal to them to see if they are still needed.

“It may be that their condition has changed, or that they only need a nebuliser during the winter months.

“It could also be that a patient has passed away and the family is unsure of what do with the nebuliser.

“We’d like to hear from people with nebulisers that are not being used. If they are returned we service them and redistribute them to patients who need them,” added Julie.

Anyone with a nebuliser should contact the respiratory team at the Trust on 01432 364416 to arrange for it to be returned.

Pic cap:

Left to right: Julie Manning, Lead Respiratory Nurse Specialist, Hannah James Ward Respiratory Nurse and Lisa Rees, Oxygen Nurse, are pictured with a selection of the nebulisers which patients may have in their homes and which the hospital is asking to be returned if they are not being used.


For further information please contact:

John Burnett, Communication and Engagement Manager, Wye Valley NHS Trust: 01432 372928 or Amanda Millichip/Fiona Gurney, Communications officer 01432 355444 ext. 5105.

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