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NHS staff survey reveals a happy and enthusiastic workforce at Wye Valley NHS Trust

Press release – February 21 2020 


The latest NHS staff survey results have been published and they show that Wye Valley NHS Trust employees are happier and more enthusiastic than ever about their work. This is wonderful news for patients because staff who are happy at work provide better care for our patients.

They also reveal that during the last two years, there has been a ten per cent increase in WVT staff who would recommend the Trust as place to work, and an eight per cent increase in staff who are happy with the standard of care provided should a friend or relative need treatment.

The figures are revealed in the 2019 NHS staff survey which was carried out in the autumn last year. The national survey covers all NHS Trusts and was sent to nearly 1,300 randomly chosen WVT staff members (a third of the staff) to complete anonymously.

The survey results – published this week - show a sharp rise in the number of staff who look forward to going to work with a ten per cent increase in the last two years rising to 66.6 per cent, putting the Trust just 0.3 per cent behind the best in the country.

There has also been a six per cent increase in the number of staff who say they are enthusiastic about their job during the last two years. This has risen from 74.6 per cent in 2017 to 80.9 per cent  - putting the Trust just 0.4 per cent behind the best in the country.

“This is great news for patients as the percentage of staff who believe care of patients is the organisation’s top priority has also reached an all-time high with a ten per cent improvement in the last two years,” said Jane Ives, managing director of the Trust.

“We’ve also seen an eleven per cent rise in the number of staff who would recommend the Trust as a place to work.

“These are important figures as they don’t just represent improvements in Trust performance, but also reflect significant cultural changes which mean the Trust is a good place work at. This helps us to attract new staff and retain the staff that we’ve got,” added Jane.

Other highlights in the report include:

  • A reduction in the number of staff who felt unwell as a result of work-related stress
  • Staff saying they feel more valued by their managers
  • More staff able to influence improvements in their area of work
  • Fewer staff looking for other jobs and thinking about leaving the Trust
  • A ten per cent increase in the number of staff who feel able to deliver the care they aspire to
  • An increase in the number of staff who feel secure raising a concern about unsafe clinical practice and that the Trust would take action

“Overall, the report highlights five key areas where we have seen significant improvements,” added Jane. “These are: Staff morale; quality of care; staff engagement; team working; support from immediate managers.

“We know there is always more we can do and while it is really encouraging to get this feedback from our staff, we are now looking at the detail of the report to ensure we build on the successes and tackle those areas where we have not improved as much as we’d have liked.

“For example, while we’ve seen a six per cent increase in the way the Trust takes positive action on the health and well-being of staff, this is one of the big issues we shall be putting resources into this year. We need a healthy workforce to be able to provide high quality patient care.

“Wye Valley NHS Trust is built on compassion, accountability, respect and excellence – values demonstrated by our #AmazingWVTstaff every day in the way they care for our patients.

“They are a credit to the Trust – an organisation I’m proud to be part of.”


Notes to Editors WVT:

  • Wye Valley NHS Trust is a provider of health services across Herefordshire and beyond. The Trust exists to improve the wellbeing, independence and health of the people we serve.
  • By working closely with our partners, we can make good our promise to deliver a quality of care we would want for ourselves, our families and our friends.
  • With an estimated annual turnover of around £185 million, we employ around 3,000 staff. We aim to build new relationships between our staff, patients, service users and their carers with the wider community.

For further information please contact:

Fiona Gurney, communications officer, or John Burnett, Communication and Engagement Manager, Wye Valley NHS Trust: 01432 372928.

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