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Self care and patient carer information

Assessment and management of children' care pathways will be reviewed and evaluated at each clinical appointment in consultation with parents and other clinicians.

Counselling by an Audiologist is given at all appointments; if a hearing loss or unsatisfactory result is obtained a further appointment date will be set immediately. Advice about devices or referrals to other agencies will be discussed.

If the child does not pass the hearing assessment at the clinic appointment a future appointment is scheduled or a request for referral to ENT is made and the child is discharged. 1:1 counselling by an Audiologist is given.

Information leaflets referring to the diagnosis made are also given which include:

  • Glue Ear
  • Downs Syndrome and Childhood Deafness
  • Transition from Paediatric to Adult Services
  • A variety of fact sheets about hearing disorders and hearing aids
  • Meningitis and Deafness

If a child is diagnosed as having a permanent (sensory neural) hearing loss hearing aids will be offered. Hearing aids may also be fitted to conductive hearing losses (Glue ear) on a temporary basis.

On fitting of a hearing aid full instructions on the use and maintenance of the hearing aid are given to the Parents/Carers and child both in verbal and written forms by the Audiologist.

Parents/Carers are advised that the maintenance and care of the hearing aid is their responsibility but information details for contacting the Children' Hearing Centre and Education are also given.

Each child (if they are old enough) and or parent/carer is shown how to look after and maintain their hearing aid, this is done on a one to one basis with an Audiologist demonstrating the parts of the hearing aids and how to clean, maintain and check the hearing instrument.

A review date for hearing aid wearer is determined at the close of each appointment; these dates may be changed upon Parental/Carers or multi-agency request.

Copies of all reports are sent to the Parent/Carer and multi-agencies involved in the care of the child such as Education and ENT.

Visual -Re -inforcers

Visual re-inforcers used to test children between 8 months and 3 ½ years old


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