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Service Overview

Paediatric Audiology covers children of all ages (0-19 years old). The neonatal and school screening services are part of this team. This service is provided to identify and treat hearing loss in children.

We are able to provide the early identification, assessment and intervention of children with hearing difficulties, using a family friendly, accessible service with clearly defined pathways and integrated working practice across multi agencies.

The Children's Hearing Centre receives referrals for assessments from Newborn Hearing Screening Program (NHSP), General Practitioners (GP's), Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Consultants, Paediatricians, Health Visitors, Speech and Language Therapists (SALT), Cleft Lip and Palate Team - Birmingham, School Nurses and School Screeners.

  • Every new referral into the service will be seen within 6 weeks and first definitive treatment to be undertaken by 18 weeks
  • Choose and book - allowing parents choice of appointment date and time (for certain clinics)
  • Identification of conductive hearing loss, its implications and recommendation of referral to ENT services or future monitoring at CHC
  • Timely hearing assessment from referral where there is concern about a child's hearing, speech and language development or behaviour
  • Diagnosis of permanent hearing loss and provision of hearing aids as early as possible
  • Improve the communication abilities for hearing impaired children with fitting of hearing aids
  • Provision and Management of hearing aids for Children who require them
  • Timely follow up post referral from the neonatal hearing screen
  • All children recovering from meningitis receive a referral for hearing assessment
  • Children with cleft palate are assessed under the cleft palate referral pathway

Accessibility / acceptability

The service will work in partnership with Parents and Carers and in an integrated way to deliver a flexible and responsive facility, adapting to the individual needs of children and families in terms of their requirements or circumstances e.g. strengths, level of risk, culture, ethnicity, language or disability.

The service is accessed by children aged 0 - 19 years old upon referral.

Where a child is immune compromised or house bound a home visit service will be offered if possible.

An Audiologist will endeavour to respond to clinical telephone/e-mail queries on the same day.

Administration staff will respond to non-clinical queries on the same day (when fully staffed)

Parents and Carers will be given a choice of appointment times via either choose and book or telephone contact.

If the Service was not available families and children would have to travel out of county for assessment, investigation and intervention, some of those families would need to be seen on a regular basis which would be at great expense and inconvenience to them.

The only exclusion criterion for our service is age. If the child is over the age of 16 (or 19 with special needs or in further education) we would not accept the referral.

The only exception to this is a referral may be accepted for an adult with severe learning difficulties or behavioural issues.

Where to find us

The majority of Children seen for clinics will be at the Children's Hearing Centre, Ross Road, Hereford which is purpose built and sound proofed. A home visit service will be offered to those children who cannot come into the centre.

Auditory Brainstem Responses (ABR's) may also be performed in Theatre or under sedation on the Children's ward at the County Hospital.

The School Screening service will be offered in all Primary schools in the County of Herefordshire.

Opening hours and how to find us

8.30am until 4.30pm. 
Administration staff available by telephone until 4.30pm

Telephone: 01432 356438
Fax: 01432 341612

Who can use our service?

We provide an Audiology Service for children in Herefordshire, Llandrindod Wells, Powys & Brecon, Shropshire and Worcestershire.

We would also see any child who is referred to us and is prepared to travel to Hereford.

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