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Service Overview

We aim to improve the health and wellbeing of infants, children and families in Herefordshire.

Primarily a health visitor's role is to promote health and ensure health policies are accessible to individuals, families, and communities, enabling them to be empowered and take responsibility for their own well-being and good health. In our work we aim to:

  • address the health needs of families in their community settings working in partnership with other agencies from statutory, voluntary and community sectors
  • address proactively the needs of children in their family settings identifying triggers of heightened risk
  • respond appropriately to children and young people in need of protection
  • recognise the nature and level of health inequalities in child health and to understand the determining factors


Health Visiting is a universally accessible service, providing services in a wide range of settings and working in close partnership with a variety of both statutory and third sector providers.

Where to Find Us and How to Contact Us

Herefordshire's health visiting service provides a family-centred pro-active, universal  and targeted services to children and families who are resident within Herefordshire (for more information click here). Allocation of health visiting hours is based upon geographical deprivation. 

Opening Hours

The normal hours of the team are Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm. Please call 01432 373940.  

Urgent healthcare - please remember if your child needs to see someone urgently but it’s not an emergency call NHS 111.  If it is life threatening call 999.

If you child has a minor injury or ailment click here to find out what is available locally.

Population Served

We are accessible to families who are resident within Herefordshire (click here for information on changes to accessing health visiting service). 

Referral Criteria and Response Time

Our referrals are primarily by notification of birth from midwives, movement in of families to area from GP practices and Child Health. Targeted services can be referred by other professionals, Early Years, Social care and Self referrals.

We do not exclude any appropriate referral but on rare occasions a family may choose to refuse service.

Following discharge from Midwife (usually within a maximum of ten days from birth), and within 1 working days of notification of moving into the area.

Prioritisation given to children thought to be at risk or in receipt of a child protection plan.

The Team

Health visiting services are integral to multi agency safeguarding agenda, providing lead professional role, facilitating and chairing CAFTAC meetings. They are key partners within child in need / child in need of protection planning. All members of the health visiting team have robust training / supervision tailored by role to meet the standards of practice contained within both national and local child protection and safeguarding children documents/procedures. The team utilises skill mix to provide both core and enhanced services. Services are provided in arrange of settings within the community including children's centres, clients home, GP surgeries.
Within the service, specialist roles include: 

  • CONI coordinator
  • Infant feeding advisor
  • Provision of training to Early Years providers

Self Care and Patient and Carer Information

Many resources are promoted/utilised to assist with empowerment of families; this can include leaflets, websites, local and national help lines/ groups.

A care plan will be reviewed and evaluated at regular intervals and/or at the request of a member of the multi agency group, the child/young person or carer. The date of the next review meeting is set and recorded at each meeting.

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