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Service Overview

The Herefordshire Macmillan Lymphoedema Service provides a comprehensive and dedicated specialist Lymphoedema Service. 

  • We provide assessment, treatment and psycho-social support for those suffering from primary and secondary lymphoedema in Herefordshire.
  • Ensure there is equity in access to a uniform high standard of care provided locally and appropriate to patients needs.
  • Ultimately the service improves the function and quality of life for Lymphoedema patients, empowering and equipping them with self care skills and ongoing support. It also reduces the risk of Lymphoedema related cellulitis infection which can require Hospital admission.

Accessibility / acceptability

We accept patients with primary lymphoedema, secondary to cancer lymphoedema and secondary lymphoedema due to other causes that require specialist input

  • You will require a written referral from a health professional to us, plus relevant clinical information to assist the assessment process and to ensure the interventions and actions taken are appropriate
  • The vast majority of patients are seen in a clinic setting, domiciliary visits will be arranged only for housebound patients, community hospital inpatients and palliative patients as appropriate. Joint visits are offered with the District Nurse Teams as appropriate to ensure collaborative working relationships
  • We accept referrals regardless of age, gender, culture there is no discrimination

Where to find us and how to contact us

Our contact address is:

Gaol Street Health Clinic

Satellite Clinics are provided across Herefordshire currently;

  • Bromyard Community Hospital
  • Leominster Community Hospital
  • Ledbury Community Hospital
  • Ross Community Hospital
  • Gaol St Clinic, Hereford
  • Charles Renton Unit, Hereford County Hospital

Population served

Patients will be accepted by the Lymphoedema service subject to the following conditions:

  1. The patient is registered with a Herefordshire GP (complex oedema patients out of county will be considered)
  2. The patient has primary lymphoedema, lymphoedema secondary to cancer treatment or lymphoedema secondary to other causes
  3. A referral form is received, with GP/Consultant consent, results of Doppler testing included if necessary. The lymphoedema service will not offer routine Doppler testing
  4. A telephone service is available, but telephone referrals cannot be accepted
  5. All referrers and GPs are kept informed of the patient's progress and any decisions regarding treatment needs and so on
  6. Patients with chronic disease and/or disability with dependent oedema, can be assessed by the lymphoedema specialist, with advice and treatment offered and then referred back to the Primary Care Team for on-going monitoring. Patients can be re-referred if necessary.

The team

The current Lymphoedema service comprises of a small team of three part time Lymphoedema Clinical Nurse Specialists. The lymphoedema service supports collaborative working relationships with other health care professionals and agencies. The service does not work in isolation and often works to achieve a partnership with referrers to attain optimum outcomes for patients.

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