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Pain Self-Management

The pain self management service is a multi-disciplinary service for people with chronic pain in Herefordshire. People can be referred to the service by any healthcare professional.

Clinics are offered at Gaol Street and the Kindle Centre in Hereford. The team includes a pain management nurse, physiotherapist, and clinical psychologist. The team is supported by the Pain Clinic Consultants at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust. 

The Pain Self Management Service does not provide medical input. For specialist medical input such as screening/investigations/medication advice or interventions, a Pain Clinic Consultation would be required. We do not have a Pain Clinic in Hereford. There are Pain Clinics in neighbouring counties eg Worcestershire and Gloucestershire.

What happens after referral to Pain Self-Management?  Often people are invited to an introduction to pain management session.  This session introduces the team, gives further information about the services we offer and the approach we use.  Somebody who has attended our service in the past comes to talk about their experience. People are then offered an individual appointment to discuss their pain problem and explore various options. The two main options are described below.

1:1 support with Pain Self-Management Some people choose to have a few one-to-one sessions with a specific member of the team.  This is usually when a person could benefit from tailored advice, for example, meeting with the nurse to discuss how to manage medication more effectively. Some people will use a Pain Self-Management workbook, called the pain plan which can be access by clicking here.

The Pain Self-Management Programme Some people choose to attend a pain self-management programme. These are run at the Kindle Centre, next to Asda in Hereford.  The programme consists of eight weekly sessions, each lasting around three hours.  Whilst there is lots of information to take in, the groups are friendly and informal, with group discussions and breaks for tea and coffee.

The programme helps people to manage their pain and support them to put changes in place, and aims to help people:

  • Meet other people who understand what it is like to live with long term pain.
  • Understand the pain and why it becomes long-term
  • Learn new ways of managing everyday activities 
  • Improve balance. Get fitter and stronger, and more flexible
  • Make better use of medication
  • Communicate more clearly about pain
  • Learn skills for coping with the sadness, worry or anger associated with chronic pain
  • Prepare a plan for times when pain flares up
  • Manage work issues

Resources: For more chronic pain resources and information visit the pain toolkit site

Contact details

Postal address
Gaol Street Clinic
Gaol Street

Direct line

0300 422 8471                                                                  

Admin team direct line
0300 422 8469


Referrals accepted from health professionals, either by letter or using the referral form below;

pain management referral form


Click here to visit the pain toolkit site

Services available in Herefordshire

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