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Service Overview

We aim to promote, protect the health of school-aged children and prevent ill health via a specialist team of specialist practitioners, registered general nurses and nursery nurses.

The School Nursing Service is underpinned by strong Public Health principles and by the principles used within Health Visiting with an emphasis on preventative interventions to promote child health and well-being as well as tackling inequalities.

The School Nurse role has developed over recent years and is integral to the health and well-being of children, and with the increasing prevalence of public health issues such as obesity, smoking and sexual health School Nurses through needs assessment are able to identify groups of children and young people who have serious health needs and target the necessary resources to address the need; this includes issues such as Safeguarding.

  • To address the health needs of families in their community settings working in partnership with other agencies from statutory, voluntary and community sectors
  • To address proactively the needs of children in their family settings identifying triggers of heightened risk
  • To respond appropriately to children and young people in need of protection
  • To recognise the nature and level of health inequalities in child health and to understand the determining factors
  • Empowerment of families, assisting families to work towards the five outcomes of Every Child Matters
  • Enhance the quality of the life for children and their families by supporting through stressful events that a family experience, particularly if  caring for a child with a life limiting illness, or with disability and learning problems


School Nursing is a universally accessible service, acceptable to all backgrounds and communities, which has proved to be key to the delivery of the Governments Public Health agenda.

Where to Find Us and How to Contact Us

The service is delivered within schools, clinics and education establishments as well as the client's home.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday year round, 9am to 5pm.

Population Served

Countywide within the Home, Schools, Early Years settings, GP practices, Community Hospitals, Other education establishments, Youth centres.

Referral Criteria and Response Time

Referrals are accepted from a variety of Professionals including Education, Social Care, Paediatricians (acute and community), GPs, self referrals, parents, healthy schools etc. Referrals are also identified through programmes such as the National Child Measurement programme.

Referrals can be made by a School Nurse to an assistant for a specific programme of care. 

Priority is given to Children and young people assessed as being at Risk, in receipt of a Child Protection plan or with a disability or life limiting illness.

The Team

School Nurses work with a variety of agencies such as Connexions, Healthy Schools, Extended Schools, and Social Care. to achieve outcomes of Every Child matters. Much work is undertaken with hard to reach children and Young People, and School Nurses undertake many of the Looked After Children's Reviews. The service is also available for children and young people who are home educated.

Self Care and Patient and Carer Information

Many resources are promoted/utilised to assist with empowerment of children, young people and families. This can include leaflets, websites, local and national help lines. A care plan will be reviewed and evaluated at regular intervals and/or at the request of a member of the multi agency group, the child/young person or carer. The date of the next review meeting is set and recorded at each meeting. Review of the care plan will include:

  • The relevance of the care plan
  • The effectiveness of care plans/outcomes
  • Any unmet needs
  • Patient satisfaction with the care
  • Treatment/Rehabilitation/Intensive Support
  • Modality/Frequency of support/Team support
  • Activities of daily living/basics of daily living/Social Care Support
  • Medication - how monitored/reviewed
  • Relapse prevention plan
  • Risk assessment procedures and crisis/urgent response

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