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Self care and patient and carer information

Long term clients are managed by review process. Verbal and written information is provided about their Brain Injury.

The service has a variety of written information that can be sent out to both clients and carers on symptoms to be expected with advice on how to manage these with the contact details of the service. Clients can call for advice or for an appointment. Comprehensive information packs have been produced; one for clients and one for carers. There is specific information on what an Acquired Brain Injury is with information on what types of problems they might encounter along with practical advice on these. The information also contains useful contact details of local and national organizations.

Links to Headway

We work with clients and their carers to increase their functional, cognitive and psychological well-being; to maximize and maintain their function to allow them to live within the community with an appropriate level of support.

Carers and family members are offered written and face to face contact support individually, as well as in carer support groups.

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