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Self care and patient and carer information

Within the ABI service both patient and carer information packs are available, free of charge. The booklets have been co-designed by both patients and carers that have experienced the service. There is also a DVD detailing all health benefits, routes for claims, description of driving limitations and so on. These booklets are provided at the earliest opportunity, sometimes within days of attending hospital.

We supply separate guidance in cases of Concussion and Mild Traumatic ABI

For the Multi-sensory Coma Stimulation Programmes families are provided with comprehensive information, again within days of attending hospital.

In the IMB and BIDTP programmes, comprehensive power point handouts and rehabilitation folders are given to all clients on attending the training workshops.

In the MBCT programme, weekly information folders are given, together with audio CD's for practice

In the Neuropsychology Service, all reports and communications are copied to the patient immediately.

All of the treatment programmes provided by health psychology aim at improving self-management as a result of a health challenge arising from a long term condition.

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