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Service Overview

Podiatric Surgery is foot and ankle surgery performed by Podiatric Surgeons. This service delivers an efficient and effective Consultant led service providing high quality clinical care to patients with foot or ankle pathology. We seek to improve patients' quality of life through the resolution of their foot pain. The department strives to make the most efficient use of resources to maximise patient care. The best use of resources may mean using other healthcare services and expertise, where onward referral is appropriate.

We are able to provide a comprehensive range of treatments, both surgical and non-surgical. Our reputation for quality and reliability has allowed the DPS to flourish. We have specialised for the last 20 years in day-case elective foot surgery. This surgery is carried out under local anaesthesia with IV sedation and also local anaesthesia alone and the operating theatre is based in its own custom designed day surgery unit.

Accessibility / Acceptability

We provide the highest quality foot surgery and non-surgical care. Patients are provided with extensive pre-operative information that can be fully understood and used by them in their decisions regarding treatment. We offer reassurance and security to the patient and encourage a relaxed, safe environment. We assess the Social, Physical and Psychological needs of the patient in the context of their foot problem and ensure high-quality post-operative care, with emphasis on control of pain, giving written instruction and advice. Patients are treated as effectively as possible respecting their medical, social and religious backgrounds. Patients over the age of 16 years are accepted regardless of gender, disability or culture.

Where To Find Us and How To Contact Us

The Department of Podiatric Surgery (DPS) is based at Belmont Hereford. Our address is:

Department of Podiatric Surgery
Vaughan Building
Ruckhall Lane

Tel: 01432 363902
Fax: 01432 363994

Population Served

Patients living in Herefordshire, Shropshire, Powys, Gwent, Gloucester and Worcester may access the service. We are able to accept appropriate referrals from other areas as required and we accept referrals through the National Choose and Book System.

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