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Human Resources

Outline of services provided and department

The Human Resources (HR) department incorporates the following teams: payroll, health@Work, recruitment, resourcing, HR operations and workforce information and planning.

The recruitment, resourcing and health@work teams are located in the Gwyndra Downs building, payroll is based in the Johnson's Hospital building, and the HR operations team is based in the Fred Bulmer building.


Payroll provides the support required to facilitate the correct payment of salaries, wages, taxation and pension services for Trust staff.  The team also maintains the Electronic Staff Record (ESR) system, incorporating the ESR self-service functionality. 


The health@work department is a nurse-led service consisting of one senior occupational health Nurse Manager, three occupational health advisers, one clinic nurse, three administrators and one sessional consultant occupational health physician.  The department provides a range of services to support the health and wellbeing of employees.

HR Operations

The team provides advice and support to managers and staff on a full range of employment related matters.  The specialist HR advisers in the team are each aligned to, and work closely with, one of the Service Units to support the units in business planning and development.


The recruitment team provides a central recruitment service, processing all advertisements, applications and contracts of employment for the Trust (including medical appointments) and managing the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checking service.  They also offer general recruitment and retention advice.


The resourcing team provide a centralised service to the Trust for the provision and deployment of temporary nursing, medical, administrative and clerical staff, including agency workers and those registered on the Trust’s internal bank.  The team also oversees the deployment of the medical workforce, both substantive and agency. 

Workforce information and planning

Workforce information and planning services provided by the department include the analysis of workforce data to support effective service management and planning for future service developments and delivery.

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Contact Details

Head of payroll and data management: 364197

Pensions lead: 364168

Health@work: 364013

HR operations team: 355 444 Ext. 5824

Recruitment team: 364038

Recruitment manager: 01432 355444 ext. 5141

Resourcing team - Temporary/ Bank staffing:  364068

Resourcing team - Medical Workforce:  01432 355444 ext. 5789

Workforce planning lead: 01432 355444 ext. 5833







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