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Maternity triage

Welcome to Maternity triage

This is your direct access to the Maternity triage service available 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

What we provide

Maternity triage is a 24 hour assessment area where women and their families can easily access and receive prompt care. You will have an initial telephone conversation with a midwife. Following this telephone assessment you may be given advice which allows you to stay at home. Or you may be asked to attend triage to have a physical review with a midwife, and as required an obstetrician. 

Maternity triage has streamlined our maternity services. The area gives a consistent approach to accessing the maternity service through one telephone number 07990986517.

The area provides prompt diagnosis, treatment and care with the aim to improve women’s pregnancy, birth experience and birth outcomes.

How to find us

Maternity triage is located on the second floor at Hereford County Hospital. Follow signs for the maternity ward.  At the maternity ward doors you will see a triage door bell. Once admitted you will find triage in the first bay on the left, on the ward.

Maternity triage


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