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Maternity electronic patient information and maternity healthcare information

We have introduced a new maternity electronic patient record system.  This means that we no longer use paper forms for recording information about your maternity care.

It only applies to the maternity service, which is from your first point of contact with one of our midwives through to when you are discharged from the care of your midwife to a health visitor.  Our midwifery team now record this information on the new electronic system online on a computer or iPad.  

This means that we can access information about your maternity care in one place, safely and securely at all times, when we visit you at home and in our hospital delivery suite and maternity ward.

The care you receive from our midwifery and health visiting staff will remain the same. However, it does mean that we will no longer provide you with a copy of your maternity patient record notes to carry with you, if you are a new patient. This is because this information will all be available on line, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to the staff providing your care.

This information is currently only accessible online to healthcare professionals.

We have also transferred all relevant general maternity healthcare information to this website, instead of giving out paper copies to women.  

This means that you can access this general healthcare information online at any time, such as antenatal class dates and times.

Please find below links to all the general healthcare information that you will need during your pregnancy.

Antenatal care

Antenatal care
Routine planned pregnancy care
Blood tests and investigations
Ultrasound scans
Diagnostic Test for Chromosomal Abnormalities
Pregnancy and your weight
Smoking and second hand smoke harms you and your baby
Healthy eating, drinking and exercise 
Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Assessment
Birth classes and birth plan
Physiotherapy in pregnancy
Support groups

Labour and your stay in hospital

Latent phase 
Induction in labour
Your hospital stay and what to bring with you
Statement relating to caesarean sections and inductions of labour
Availability of amenity rooms 
Maternity ward



Breastfeeding video wall

Breastfeeding - positioning and attachment video

Start4life advice leaflet

Building a happy baby leaflet

Breastfeeding tips

Breastfeeding in the early days

Caring for your baby at night

Breastfeeding checklist

Breastfeeding assessment




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