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The Pathology Laboratory provides a full range of pathology investigations for Herefordshire and some areas in Powys. Samples originate from The County Hospital, General Practice surgeries and the Community Hospitals. The laboratory has electronic links with all locations to ensure speedy and accurate return of results.

Outline of the department

The Pathology Laboratory is organised into three departments, which have different functions as follows:

Blood sciences
This includes clinical chemistry, haematology, immunology and blood transfusion.

Clinical chemistry

Staff in clinical chemistry analyse samples of blood or urine for substances that give evidence of disease (e.g. renal disease or liver disease) or for abnormal levels of substances (e.g. glucose in diabetes, thyroid hormones in thyroid disease). These measurements are needed for diagnosis or monitoring of disease, or in the early detection of disease. Typically 900 patient samples are analysed each weekday.

Haematology – including blood transfusion

Haematology investigations help the diagnosis of blood disorders e.g. anaemia, blood clotting problems and leukaemia's. Many of the tests are automated but may only become meaningful after skill and judgement have been applied. On a typical day over 600 samples are analysed.

Cellular Pathology – including cytopathlogy and histopathology

Histopathology plays an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases. Tissue samples are removed, and are studied down a microscope to establish any abnormality.

Systemic cytology is concerned with diagnosis of malignancy in bodily fluids.

Microbiology – including bacteriology and virology 

This is the study of infectious diseases. The department is involved in the diagnosis of a wide range of infections including the causes of meningitis, MRSA, HIV, tuberculosis, influenza and food poisoning. On a typical day over 500 samples are analysed. 

Links with other departments

The Pathology Laboratory works closely with, most departments within The County Hospital, local General Practitioners, other Trusts, Hospitals and Healthcare providers.


Contact Details

Opening Hours

Routine (all departments) Monday to Friday
8.45am to 5.15pm

Blood Sciences – 24/7 urgent service


Reception: 01432 355444 ext 4040
Fax: 01432 364196

Dr Julie Davies – Clinical Director (Consultant and Chemistry Lead)
Dr Heather Clark – Consultant (Immunology lead)

Dr Lisa Robinson - consultant 
Dr Christopher Brammer – consultant
Dr Amanda Peppercorn – consultant

Dr Mark Hayes - consultant 
Dr Keith McCarthy - consultant
Dr Rashmi Rao - consultant

Dr Becky Bamber - consultant
Dr Alison Johnson - consultant

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