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Dementia champions


Role of the dementia champion to patients

Dementia champions are members of staff who have additional responsibility for the following:

  • To promote the wellbeing of dementia patients staying at our hospitals.
  • To provide current, evidence based advice and support to the dementia patients on the ward.
  • To ensure that the care of people with dementia across the Trust is standardised, evidence based and in line with best practice guidelines

Role of the dementia champion supporting a patient’s carer, family and friends

  • To provide advice and support to carers, family members and friends of the dementia patient.
  • To ensure that patients and carers can access a variety of resources and information regarding dementia, and are signposted accordingly to appropriate community services and support groups.
  • To assist in reviewing the patient and carer experience during their stay at the Trust.

Role of the dementia champion and work colleagues

  • To raise awareness, share information and empower other members of staff and multi-displinary teams, regarding dementia and caring for dementia patients.
  • To challenge poor practice appropriately.
  • To provide on-going advice and support to our colleagues.
  • Encourage staff to utilise the forget me not symbol, ‘this is me’.
  • To ensure that all new documentation, policies and procedures are disseminated and embedded in the ward in a timely manner.
  • To promote multidisciplinary team working for patients with dementia.

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