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Ethos for caring for patients with dementia


  • We recognise that each person with dementia is a unique individual and we adopt a person and family centred approach to care.

  • We use documentation to help us get to know the patient, their likes and dislikes, their preferences and their routine: ‘this is me’.  

  • We take our time and progress at a pace that works for our patient.

  • We always aim to communicate effectively with our patient their family and carer.

  • Our patients privacy and dignity is very important to us.

  • We will respect the individuals wishes.

  • As a result of individualised assessments for all people with dementia we ensure that we deliver personalised care and support in an encouraging manner

  • Our care is delivered with compassion.

  • We will promote the individuals independence by breaking tasks down into small steps and embrace a non-failure culture to rehabilitation.

  • We will use activities to prevent challenging behaviour, alleviate boredom and promote rehabilitation.

  • We are aware that the individual may need extra assistance, support, time, prompting with undertaking the activities of daily living (for example, eating and drinking, mobilising, going to the toilet, communication, hygiene and dressing).

  • We maintain a safe but personalised bed space.

  • We will listen to carers and family, your input is invaluable. 

    Where appropriate, we will invite you to use a carers pass so that you can continue to support your loved one whilst they are in hospital.  This gives you the opportunity to keep their usual routine in place regardless of the hospitals schedule.  

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