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IMPACT Volunteer Placements for 17-23 year olds.

6 Months + Placement : Long- term Impact

Wye Valley NHS Trust voluntary services department will discuss volunteer options with you to ensure that you are placed in a context which suits your interests.

Looking for a career in social care or health care and in need of experience?  

The County Hospital volunteer programme might be just what you need to develop your skills and build your confidence for the workplace. 

What's involved?

  • Volunteer three hours a week for a minimum of six months
  • Induction and training 
  • DBS (police check) 
  • Two references

What will I be doing?

  • Spending time with patients on the wards:  this might involve talking with them, listening, reading, engaging them in suitable activities
  • Reception runner:  running errands to the wards, signposting visitors as they enter the hospital, greeting and welcoming.
  • Ophthalmology Unit Escort

What skills will I gain?

  • Communication skills - ability to engage and listen to patients, follow instructions given by staff
  • Observation skills 
  • Work with a range of staff 
  • Develop understanding and empathy for patients from all backgrounds and situations
  • Use your initiative
  • Learn hospital health and safety protocols

How will I benefit?

  • Have the opportunity to directly improve the wellbeing of the patients with whom you spend time 
  • Gain a unique insight into the workings of a busy ward and hospital
  • Develop skills that are directly relevant to health and social care settings
  • Build your knowledge of roles in the health and social care sector
  • Grow more confident in your abilities and interactions with others 

Feedback from our volunteers

Volunteer 2020-21 - “Volunteering at the hospital has been a valuable experience as I have watched NHS staff members professional manner and dedication to patient care and learned a lot from this".

Volunteer 2020-21 - "I used to think that my confidence was very low and I wasn’t very chatty, but volunteering has helped me to make first steps in starting conversations. My confidence has grown a lot, so I now regard my communication as a strength".

Feedback from our volunteers

Volunteer 2020-21 - “Understanding the hospital environment and seeing the collaboration between staff has strengthened my conviction to study medicine."

Volunteers 2022

"Volunteering was daunting at first, but I could ask staff for help. Volunteering provided an opportunity to use my initiative.’’

"I felt that I was a part of the team and I am able to help the team.’’

Feedback from staff 2022 about our volunteers

"We could not be without them (volunteers) and we are very grateful for their kindness and time."

Feedback from patients 2022 about our volunteers

"Makes a difference having someone (to talk to) … (it) cheers me up. Makes me forget my problems, and (offers) a different kind of conversation.’

"I forgot I couldn’t walk.  It was nice to talk with someone."


Interested to learn more?

Please contact 07970651319 or volunteering@wvt.nhs.uk to find out more.


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