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Education Strategy

WVT Education Strategy

We are pleased to launch our new Education Strategy which is open for consultation

To view the strategy,

Please click here for a pdf version

Please click here for a powerpoint (interactive) version - Best viewed in Chrome

The strategy is based on the Health Education England (HEE) Quality Framework which has six domains (the circles) and for each domain there are one or two pages of related content. The pages have “hot” buttons on the left of the screen which will take the user to related content on the intranet or internet and there are large blue boxes on the right of the screen. Please note that many of the links are in development. The blue boxes contain statements which make up the ethos of the strategy, they are based on HEE’s Quality Standards. The Quality Standards have been modified to reflect the local needs of learners and educators at WVT. The intention is that all staff will find their learning/teaching needs reflected in these statements and the information about what WVT offers and how to access it will be in the related “hot” links.

Your comments on whether this is an accessible format, whether you agree with the standards proposed and whether anything is missing is very much appreciated. Please click here to provide feedback. This document will be on the intranet for all staff and is intentionally not written in the style of a traditional document to endeavour to keep it easy to use, interactive and up-to-date.

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