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Anaesthesia, critical care and acute pain management

We are a consultant led service, providing anaesthesia for over 15,000 surgical cases per annum.

We strive to deliver the highest standards of care, working in close conjunction with other departments in the hospital. We embrace innovation and continually deliver care within clinical governance guidelines.

Outline of the Department

Our department has state of the art equipment to ensure that we provide the best clinical care to our patients. This includes ultrasound machines to facilitate pain relief blocks and Doppler monitors to assess patients under anaesthesia.

Among our team of consultants who all deliver anaesthesia to surgical specialties, we have key personnel with specific skills in acute pain management, intensive care therapy and maternity care. In addition, we provide expertise in surgical and anaesthetic pre-assessment and work up to surgery.

In addition, the department provides an acute pain management service which includes a consultant lead and an acute pain management specialist nurse. This team will ensure the safety and optimal comfort of patients undergoing surgical procedures. This service follows the recommendations by national and international bodies involved in acute pain management such as the Royal College of AnaesthetistThe British Pain Society and the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists and Faculty of Pain Medicine.

Our department has 16 whole time equivalent consultants, 4 specialist doctors and 10 trainees who all undertake a variety of important roles around the hospital as anaesthesia is involved in over 75% of hospital activity.

We have a full time dedicated administrator who is supported by the clinical director of anaesthesia.

Links with other departments

We maintain close links with all hospital wards, clinics and departments.

Contact Details

Joint clinical leads
Dr Laura Troth and Dr Jo Connell

Jess Palmer 

Telephone No.
01432 364080

Monday – Friday: 9am to 5pm




Dr Sanjay Agarwal
Dr Pete Beavan
Dr Julian Chilvers 
Dr Duncan Cochran
Dr Jo Connell
Dr Richard Hodgson
Dr Tim Day-Thompson
Dr Mark Forrest
Dr Richard Hodgson
Dr Ryan O'Leary
Dr Maxim Nicholls
Dr Rebecca Paris
Dr Lisa Penny
Dr David Radley
Dr Charlotte Small
Dr Carl Stevenson
Dr Laura Troth
Dr Andrzej Wlaszcyk 
Dr Seng Yeo



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