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Environmental impact

Wye Valley NHS Trust is committed to reducing the impact on the environment from its activities where ever possible whilst at the same time improving the quality of care to its patients and service users and their carers. 


The Wye Go Green campaign continues. Energy audits around the Trust highlight good practice and ideas on saving energy. Without sub metering it is hard to show efficiencies but energy consumption for the year 2014-15 was 2.59 per cent lower than 2013-14.  We are also monitoring and managing the Environment Agency Carbon

Reduction Commitment. The Trust has a trajectory carbon credit value of 8300t CO2 or £125,000 for the carbon used during the 2014-15 financial year.


The Trust continues to use the Welsh Water logging equipment, which is leased, on the water meters in the main Trust sites. This allows water consumption to be reviewed and can highlight problems before they become a major drain on resources. 

Waste disposal

In January 2015, Sodexo, our PFI partners for Hereford County Hospital’s waste disposal, changed the contract for sending infectious and clinical waste for alternative treatment. Segregating waste is more environmentally friendly and more cost-effective. It is too early to

establish the benefits but these will be reviewed over the next year. The Trust’s community sites have been using these waste streams for two years and, as well as reducing waste, there have been financial benefits with an 18 per cent saving.

Sustainable transport

In partnership with Herefordshire Council, we run quarterly events to promote sustainable transport. These range from a Dr Bike Event, where staff can have a free bike check and service, through to alternative transport arrangements. A scheme to have pool cycles has been investigated, recommended and approved. Three pool bikes on-site at Hereford County Hospital are now available for staff to use to travel direct to a meeting or take them on public transport to get to a meeting rather than using their car. A revised travel plan is anticipated in 2015 to support the longer term site developments proposed at Hereford County Hospital.


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