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Freedom of Information Requests

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197 records found.

FOI Reference Subject Requestor Details Response Date Release Type
FOI2019/0274 Use of biologics for Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis Doctor 12/12/2019 Total Release
FOI2019/0291 Never events and NATSSIPS Private company 12/12/2019 Total Release
FOI2019/0348 Spend on agency nurses Private company 12/12/2019 Total Release
FOI2019/0363 status of Patient Records Private company 12/12/2019 Total Release
FOI2019/0379 current bank spend (FY 18/19)current bank fill rate, current agency spend, current agency engagement procedure Private company 12/12/2019 Total Release
FOI2019/0477 demand side response (DSR) agreements between your organisation and National Grid Media / Journalist 11/12/2019 Total Release
FOI2019/0456 FOI2019/0456 Student or Research Fellow 10/12/2019 Total Release
FOI2019/0461 UK and non EU nationals Media / Journalist 10/12/2019 Total Release
FOI2019/0470 Women's health physiotherapy statistics Private company 10/12/2019 Total Release
FOI2019/0466 Cases of asthma 2014 to 2019. Pressure or Interest group 05/12/2019 Total Release

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