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Freedom of Information Requests

Search below in case the information you need is already available online. In case it is not, please see below for details of how to make an FOI request with the Trust:

1320 records found.

FOI Reference Subject Requestor Details Response Date Release Type
FOI2022/122 Coagulation Testing Private company 28/06/2022 Total Release
FOI2022/096 Data Protection Officer job description Member of Public 28/06/2022 Total Release
FOI2022/092 Discharge of patients with no fixed abode Media / Journalist 28/06/2022 Total Release
FOI2022/123 Net Zero Jobs Pressure or Interest group 27/06/2022 Total Release
FOI2022/094 Hospital security staff spend Member of Public 24/06/2022 Total Release
FOI2022/082 Death Figures Whatdotheyknow 23/06/2022 Total Release
FOI2022/076 Clinical Systems Query Whatdotheyknow 23/06/2022 Total Release
FOI2022/121 Hospital Incinerator Media / Journalist 23/06/2022 Total Release
FOI2022/105 Staff Fuel Allowance and Travel Costs Whatdotheyknow 21/06/2022 Partial Release
FOI2022/115 Orthopaedic Follow up NHS 21/06/2022 Total Release

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