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Freedom of Information Requests

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821 records found.

FOI Reference Subject Requestor Details Response Date Release Type
FOI2021/047 Absence of medical and support staff due to C19 Member of Parliament 16/06/2021 Total Release
FOI2020/0335 Contractual and supply chain arrangements EPOS, MOTO, Direct Debit, Post offic eand Pay Point, Merchant Acquirer Private company 16/06/2021 Total Release
FOI2021/066 Patient Covid mortality Media / Journalist 09/06/2021 Partial Release
FOI2021/0104 Opthalmology services and contracts Private company 09/06/2021 Total Release
FOI2021/0106 Copy of your trusts adult elective patient pre-operative nil by mouth (or fasting or fluids and feeding) guideline Doctor 09/06/2021 Total Release
FOI2021/089 Osteoporosis Whatdotheyknow 08/06/2021 Total Release
FOI2021/092 Accident and emergency attendances and eating disorders 2016 to 2020 Member of Parliament 08/06/2021 Total Release
FOI2021/098 Ongoing symptomatic COVID-19 (code: 1325181000000106) and Post-COVID-19 syndrome also known as long-covid (code: 1325161000000102 Whatdotheyknow 08/06/2021 Total Release
FOI2021/100 Hazardous waste collector/disposer and contracts Private company 08/06/2021 Partial Release
FOI2021/102 Thornbury nursing shifts Private company 08/06/2021 Total Release

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