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Freedom of Information Requests

Search below in case the information you need is already available online. In case it is not, please see below for details of how to make an FOI request with the Trust:

712 records found.

FOI Reference Subject Requestor Details Response Date Release Type
FOI2020/0322 Evacuation of retained products of Conception or ERPC's and abortion information Member of Public 13/04/2021 Partial Release
FOI2020/0428 Latex allergy Private company 13/04/2021 Total Release
FOI2020/0389 Average Band 5 Nurse Rates Private company 08/04/2021 Total Release
FOI2020/0400 Infections from C19 Media / Journalist 08/04/2021 Partial Release
FOI2020/0402 Rigid endoscope inventory contract Private company 08/04/2021 Total Release
FOI2020/0419 Opthalmology appointments, cancellations and referrals Member of Public 08/04/2021 Partial Release
FOI2020/0423 Locum staffing agencies engaged as part of medical agency cascade Whatdotheyknow 08/04/2021 Total Release
FOI2020/0424 17 or younger who attended A&E at hospitals in the trust after intentionally hurting themselves in 2020 JAN-DEC. Media / Journalist 08/04/2021 Total Release
FOI2020/0426 Births over 12lbs 2018 to 2020 Media / Journalist 08/04/2021 Partial Release
FOI2020/0387 Face masks usage in WVT Private company 07/04/2021 Total Release

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