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Freedom of Information Requests

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208 records found.

FOI Reference Subject Requestor Details Response Date Release Type
FOI2019/0462 Sensyne Health Doctor 14/01/2020 Partial Release
FOI2019/0153 Agreements with Sensyne Health Whatdotheyknow 07/01/2020 Partial Release
FOI2019/0167 Agreements and data sharing with Sensyne Health Media / Journalist 07/01/2020 Partial Release
FOI2019/0476 Genotropin, Humatrope, Norditropin, Nutropin, Omnitrope, Sizen, Zomacton Private company 07/01/2020 Total Release
FOI2019/0446 Breast screening asymptomatic and symptomatic mammography and breast clinic Member of Public 19/12/2019 Total Release
FOI2019/0450 IT infrastructure storage solutions Private company 19/12/2019 Total Release
FOI2019/0472 Alcohol related attendance Media / Journalist 19/12/2019 Total Release
FOI2019/0329 violent incidents against staff at the trust's A&E departments Media / Journalist 18/12/2019 Total Release
FOI2019/0393 Use and cleaning costs of hysteroscopy equipment in 2018 Private company 18/12/2019 Total Release
FOI2019/0441 Clinical decision support systems Whatdotheyknow 18/12/2019 Partial Release

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