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Who can refer to us

Who can refer to us and how

Access to the service requires a referral from the following:

  • GP – Your GP can directly refer you to our service. This may be done electronically by “e-referral” or letter
  • Practice Nurse – In some GP practices a nurse may assess you and refer directly to the department
  • Podiatrist – We strive to work closely with our colleagues and they can directly refer into the service. Often you may see a musculoskeletal specialist Podiatrist before referred for surgery.
  • Physiotherapist – Often you may be seen by a physiotherapist within your GP practice, within a separate Musculoskeletal Triage team or perhaps independently.
  • Another Hospital Consultant – Sometimes other Hospital based consultant may choose to refer you, for example a Rheumatologist, Orthopaedic surgeon or a Consultant looking after your diabetes.

If you have any question relating to a referral please contact us:


Department of Podiatric Surgery
Vaughan Building
Ruckhall Lane

Tel: 01432363902



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