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Welcome to the Trust’s research pages. This is where you can find out about who we are, what we do and how you can get involved. 

About Research

We are committed to supporting research in Wye Valley NHS Trust and make it a leading hub for delivering research studies in Herefordshire. We are part of the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Research Consortium, a collaboration between our NHS and non-NHS research partners across the counties to strengthen research to improve and save lives.

Research is a core part of our clinical services because it is essential to develop new treatments and improve care. Research provides us with access to the latest treatments, which is important for both patients and health professionals.

We work with many other organisations nationally and internationally including other NHS organisations, universities, the pharmaceutical industry, charities and trials units so that we can provide patients with access to research.

There are a wide range of research studies available, from simple questionnaires to drug studies. We are currently prioritising research into Covid-19, and are open to the RECOVERY Trial, REMAP CAP, SIREN Study Portal, GENOMMIC and ISARIC. You can keep up to date on our research activities by following our twitter feed, @WVT_Research

You can find out what studies might be available to you by asking a member of your care team, or visit

Be Part of Research ( to see how you can be involved.

Support for Research

Our experienced clinical trials team enable research to be performed safely and ethically. The team include nurses, pharmacy staff, trial coordinators and data officers who work together to allow clinicians to focus on patient care.

We are supported by the Clinical Research Network: West Midlands, who provide us with the infrastructure funding to allow research to happen in Herefordshire.


How to get involved

We rely on patient and public volunteers to enable research to happen. Without this, there would be no advances to medical knowledge or improvements to care.  Because of this, you may be asked about taking part in a study when you visit the hospital or another one of our sites. Find out more about getting involved in research.

Research Ambassadors are patients, carers or members of the public that volunteer to help the research team. Find out more about becoming an ambassador.

We also want to support more NHS Trusts within the region to improve access to research in Herefordshire.  If you are clinician wanting to take part in research in the Trust, please contact the research and development on 01905 760 221.

Delivering commercial research

Find out about our aim to increase our commercial research portfolio.

Performance in studies

Find out about our performance in studies.

COVID-19 STUDY - patient data collection

The CCP-UK (Clinical Characterisation Protocol – United Kingdom) is a study that collects information about infectious diseases of public health importance quickly and efficiently in response to potential public health crises. The study was activated in January 2020 in response to the emergence of what was then called Wuhan Flu, which led to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since being activated, the study has recruited over 300,000 patients to the data collection aspect of our study.  

Research nurses and medical students at hospitals across the UK recruited people who tested positive for COVID-19. The research nurses and medical students recorded information on patients’ hospital stay.  Find out more about this study and how data is collected and stored.


Research team

Clinical Trials Team
01432 355444 Ext 5279

Research and development office
01905 760 221

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