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Self care and patient carer information

Surgery is not the first option but rather only considered when non-surgical options have failed. We can offer the provision of in shoe orthoses; both off-the-shelf and custom made, along with other aids such as heel cups, walking boots, ankle splints and other supportive or cushioning products. The teaching of exercises and physical therapies can help patients in their own care. We attempt to fully inform patients to empower them to be self aware and self reliant about their foot health and make fully informed choices about their treatment.

All patients are sent general information leaflet about the department with the letter for their first appointment. We also have an Information Booklet for Patients as produced by the Faculty of Podiatric Surgery, College of Podiatrists UK. Patients are also given information leaflets relevant to their individual treatment plan:

  • Foot support using orthoses
  • Information regarding steroid injection
  • General information for surgery under local anaesthetic and using IV sedation
  • Specific information on all operations. These contain aims, advantages and risks of each operation. An overview of the treatment plan and expected recovery times

Patients who attend for day surgery will be given written information on what to do postoperatively, how to manage pain control, exercises, what to do post suture removal and use of crutches. Patients are also given a copy of their operation report, to show to the out-of-hours emergency staff, should there be any problems. If appropriate, patients are also given a dressing pack and a letter for their practice nurse.

If calf stretching exercises are indicated these will be taught by the nursing staff at an out patient appointment on a one to one basis. Post operative exercises will also be explained and demonstrated by the nursing staff as required.

Please see our explanatory information on individual procedures and treatment options as well as further information on podiatric surgeon training and titles.

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