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Patient privacy and dignity

We are committed to the delivery of high quality services, affording our patients the same privacy, dignity, respect and compassion that we would want for ourselves our family and friends.

Privacy and dignity

  • We recognise each person as an individual and understand that spending time in hospital can be stressful; our intention is not to add to that stress.
  • We aim to respect your wishes in any way that we can and assist you in maintaining your own level of independence in all aspects of your care.
  • We recognise that respecting privacy, dignity and autonomy is not an addition to care provision, but an integral part of good care.
  • As an organisation we are committed to eliminating mixed sex accommodation in inpatient areas, with separate sleeping, washing and toilet facilities for men and women.

Equality and diversity

Our equality delivery plan sets out our commitment as an organisation to the Equality and Human Rights Agenda.

  • Wye Valley NHS Trust is committed to delivering high quality services, recognising that each individual has different needs that influence their health care requirements. As a large local employer we will not discriminate against any individual employee, patient, service user or carer.

  • We believe in fairness and equality, and we value diversity in all aspects of our work as a provider of health and social care services and as an employer.

  • We are striving for equality and diversity to be taken into account in all aspects of the trust’s work, whether that is treating patients, employing people, developing policies or involving people in our work.

  • We aim to deliver accessible services in a way that recognises the needs of each individual and does not exclude anyone. We aim to treat patients and visitors by a set of principles including respect, equality and dignity that we would want for ourselves, our families and our friends.

  • Equality and diversity is embedded into our every day practice, policies and procedures. Equality is not about treating everyone the same, it is about ensuring that access to opportunities are available to all by taking account of people’s differing needs and capabilities.

  • Diversity is about recognising and valuing differences through inclusion, regardless of gender, age, disability, race, sex, sexual orientation, religion or belief, pregnancy and maternity, marriage and civil partnership.

  • The Equality Duty encourages us to engage with the diverse communities affected by our activities to ensure that policies and services are appropriate and accessible to all and meet the different needs of the communities and people we serve.

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