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Acquired brain injuries (HABIT)

The team

The Herefordshire Acquired Brain Injury Team, known as HABIT, is a small health care team who provide support and rehabilitation to people who have suffered an acquired brain injury. Most of our work is carried out in the community, once a person has been discharged from hospital.

We offer a fully integrated multi-disciplinary approach providing neuropsychology, neuro-occupational therapy, neuro-physiotherapy, speech and language therapy and carer support.


What do we do?

The difficulties that arise following a brain injury are not always visible and as a result, their impact can be underestimated. We aim to help people understand their injury, its effects, and find the most effective techniques and strategies.

In addition to 1:1 support, we offer a range of groups and courses such as the Return to Real Life Programme, Upper and Lower Limb Groups, Fatigue Management, Mood Management and Cognitive Rehabilitation. We also run a Self-Management group and a Friends and Families group for carers.age their injury. Where possible we will support people to access leisure activities and return to work or education.

Who do we work with?

People over the age of 16 years who have suffered an “acquired brain injury” (i.e. they were not born with a brain injury).

The injury could be the result of:

  • An accident
  • A tumour
  • An infection
  • An assault
  • A stroke (After clients are at least 12 months into their recovery)
  • A metabolic disorder
  • A subarachnoid haemorrhage (due to a traumatic event)

Feedback from participants

Please find below some feedback from participants who have taken part in the programmes that we run.

  • Return To Real Life programme:  "When I started the group I thought my life was over.  The group showed me that’s not true. Things might not be the same as before, but they can still be good sometimes better".

  • Lower Limb Group: “My confidence is improving and I am doing more exercise.’’

Referral Criteria

We accept referrals from any professional within Herefordshire and from specialist rehabilitation placements around the country. Referrals from Powys and Gwent Health Authorities will also be accepted where a contract or appropriate agreement is in place.  Referral form for professionals.

How to contact us

Herefordshire Acquired Brain Injury Team (HABIT)
Vaughan Building, Ruckhall Lane, Belmont
Hereford, HR2 9RP
Tel: 01432 363934

Friends and Family Test

The Friends and Family Test is a simple question that patients are asked about the care they have received.  The test is part of a  way of gathering patient feedback and driving improvement in NHS hospital services across the country. Find out more about the Friends and Family Test.

Welfare and Benefits enquiries

HABIT clinicians are not experts on issues relating to welfare and benefits.   For the most up to date information regarding welfare and benefits, please call 01432 383444 or visit Herefordshire Council welfare and benefits website.

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Herefordshire Acquired Brain Injury Team (HABIT)
Vaughan Building
Ruckhall Lane
Office Tel No: 01432 363934 


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