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Information Requests

Questions, compliments, comments, complaints 

If you would like to provide feedback on our services, including questions, compliments, comments, and complaints, please contact our Patient Experience Team.

Information requests 

If you wish to submit a request for information, such as personal information contained in your health records, or a Freedom of Information request, please find below the ways you can contact us:

Data Protection

The Data Protection Act requires anyone who handles personal information to comply with a number of important principles. It also gives individuals rights over their personal information.

For more information on Wye Valley NHS Trust data protection please contact:

Julie Tornya
Subject Access and Data Protection Act dministrator
Health Records Department
Tel: 01432 355444 ext. 5537

Patient Information

Your Information and How We Keep It Confidential

We ask you for information about yourself so that you can receive proper care and treatment. It is very important that the information you give us is accurate and up to date. We keep this information safely, together with details of your care. Everyone working for the NHS has a legal duty to keep information about you confidential. Read more about patient information.

Freedom of Information 

Wye Valley NHS Trust has implemented the Freedom of Information Act (FOI). The Act requires all government organisations, including the NHS, to publish information about the organization. The aim is to move to anyone who wishes it. culture where information is routinely available, subject to certain exemptions, to anyone who wishes it.

Making a request


When you send your request please supply the following:

  • Full name
  • Full address
  • Email address
  • Please be specific with regards to the information that you require, having a tightly focused request ensures the Trust to identify the information that is being requested

Where to send your request

Email your request to:

Or write to:

The Freedom of Information Coordinator

Wye Valley NHS Trust
Trust Headquarters
The County Hospital
Union Walk

If you wish to telephone the Freedom of Information Coordinator regarding a request you have made please telephone 01432 355444 ext 4000.

What We Will Do

When we receive your request we will acknowledge your request and supply you with your Reference Number.

Once your request has been received we have 20 workings days in which to respond. In certain circumstances, where a qualified exemption applies, we may need to extend this period, this in line within the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. If this applies to your request we would keep you informed of the progress.


£25,000 Expenditure Data Sets

Freedom of Information and Model Publication Scheme


Contact Details

The Freedom of Information Coordinator
Trust Headquarters
Wye Valley NHS Trust
The County Hospital
Union Walk

Tel: 01432 355444 ext 5108


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