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Family/Friends - Help us to get your loved ones home

Family/Friends - Help us to get your loved ones home

The Trust remains under considerable pressure, and we are currently running at extremely high levels of bed occupancy and seeing a significant rise in demands for our services.

Attendances at our Emergency Department are rising and there are ongoing challenges in discharging patients who are well enough to leave hospital - all of which leads to longer waits than we would like for patients to be seen and admitted.

We know that our medically stable patients are keen to return home, which is why our staff are focusing on safely discharging as many patients as possible.

How you can help

Please be aware that our aim is to ensure that patients are home for lunch, so we always plan to discharge patients by 12 midday. There are a few things you can do to help a relative or friend to get home quickly after their stay in hospital:

  • Our patient transport services are extremely busy, so if you can collect family and friends from hospital as soon as they are ready to be discharged, this will help to free up beds for those who need them.
  • On admission, give the nursing staff contact details of any services which your loved one will need to have rearranged before discharge, for example, carers.
  • Make sure they have their medication and dressings, if applicable, before leaving the hospital.
  • Ask about outpatient appointments if relevant, making sure they know where they need to go, for example, a hospital or GP surgery. They will also need to know if they need to make the appointment.
  • Ask for a copy of their discharge letter.
  • Take clothes and shoes to the hospital.
  • Support friends, family and neighbours with keeping warm, shopping and collecting prescriptions if needed. 

Thank you in advance for your understanding, and for working with us to ensure that everyone in our community receives the safe and effective care they need.

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