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General Information

  • When you arrive at the Accident & Emergency Department, at The County Hospital in Hereford, as a patient, after registration, you will be assessed by a nurse who will determine the nature of your illness or injury and how urgent it is for you to be seen. 

  • If your condition is minor you may have to wait for longer. N.B. If your condition has been present for more than 48 hours, it would be more appropriate for you to visit your GP who will be in a better position to provide care.

General Information

The Accident and Emergency Department at The County Hospital currently serves an expanding population of more than 230,000 people across Herefordshire, Powys and the surrounding areas.

The department is split into a number of sections:

  • Triage: Where patients who are able to walk in are initially assessed by a nurse. You may be redirected to a suitable minor injury unit, walk in centre or GP where your condition can be treated appropriately.
  • Minors: Where patients are seen and treated by a doctor or emergency nurse practitioner.
  • Majors: An area dedicated to patients who need to be examined and cared for on a trolley.
  • Resus: Where patients need more intensive treatment.

Trauma status award

  • We have been awarded trauma status which means we support the regional trauma centre at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. Our role is to provide assessment and stabilisation of trauma patients before transfer to the trauma centre, and rehabilitation for local patients once they are fit for transfer back to Herefordshire.

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