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Gynaecology is the branch of medicine that deals with disorders of the woman’s reproductive system. We deal with various women’s health problems including early pregnancy ones. The doctors in the department are also obstetricians and so work closely with the midwives in the maternity department. 

There are some clinics that take place on the second floor Women's Health area and are shared with the antenatal clinics and the pregnancy scanning department. 

There are seven consultants and 11 middle-grade and junior doctors supported by five secretaries and other administrative staff. The nursing team is led by Sister Lloyd and includes Clinical Nurse Specialists Amy Williams and Lesley Williams, and Rose Treherne for GAA based on Leadon Ward.

Much of our work is general gynaecology but specialist clinics are held in the following areas:

  • Colposcopy – for patients who have abnormal smears.   

  • Endometrial assessment clinics  - for patients who have abnormal bleeding or bleeding after the menopause. Usually a scan is performed and a biopsy taken from inside the womb.

  • Hysteroscopy clinic – this allows the doctor to look inside the womb with a very fine telescope. It is used to help us diagnose and treat patients with irregular, heavy or unexpected bleeding.  Sometimes a small polyp can be removed.

  • Urodynamics – for the assessment of ladies troubled with urinary problems.

  • Termination of pregnancy clinic – If you are under 10 weeks pregnant your GP or Family Planning Clinic can refer you in to see a nurse who can counsel you and arrange this procedure if you decide that this is the best action for you.  

  • Joint Gynaecological Cancer Clinic – Held in the Macmillan Renton Unit a consultant from Hereford works alongside (jointly) with two specialist colleagues from Cheltenham (Dr Audrey Cook – oncologist and Mr Rob Gornall – Surgeon) to provide this specialist service. This clinic is also supported by Karen Gow our Gynae-oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist.

  • Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit – if you have bleeding or significant pain between six and 18 weeks of pregnancy you may be directed to this unit. You will be seen by a nurse or midwife and usually a scan is performed. The results of any tests will be explained to you and a plan agreed.   


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