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Visiting Times


The Day Case Unit Does not allow visitors in the morning hours. Visiting time is from 15:00 until 20:00 only. This is to allow patients to rest and be discharged in a timely manner. In certain circumstances relatives may stay with the patient after liaising with the nurse in charge and this does not include night time. Relatives are not allowed to stay with patients overnight.







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Infection Prevention & Control
We are very aware of the importance of maintaining a clean environment and would ask that all visitors to the ward use the hand gel on entering and leaving the ward.  Visitors are asked not to visit if they have stomach upsets or cold symptoms.  Please below for more information about the Day Case Unit

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Day Case surgery to all surgical specialities

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About Day Case

The Day Case Unit at The County Hospital caters for all patients whose procedure or operation can be performed without the need of an overnight stay. This benefits the patient as they can return to their normal home environment as soon as they have recovered from the procedure or anaesthetic.

Our aim is to provide a high standard of clinical care for our patients within a professional, caring, comfortable and friendly environment. We aim to recognise the individual rights of patients, recognising the right to be informed, enabling patients to make decisions.

The nursing team are multi skilled and being continually trained and developed to care for all specialities within Hereford Hospitals.

The Unit audits the effectiveness of outcomes of care, making improvements to care delivery as recommended from the findings. The Day Case team follows the Trust's commitment to provide the highest standard of healthcare to the people of Herefordshire.

Outline of the Department

The Day Case has 19 trolleys, 6 reclining chairs and a waiting area. There is a team of trained nurses, assistant nurse practitioners, nurses associates and healthcare assistants staff members, working a mixture of full and part time hours.  The staff rotate between Day Case and Surgical Admissions Unit, so they have a wide and varied expertise.

Other information

When attending Day Case for surgery please bring dressing gown and slippers or soft shoes as patients now walk to theatre as we are joined to the theatre suite.

Please do not bring valuables and remove necklaces and body piercing prior to admission if possible.

Please remove nail varnish from finger nails and toe nails as this hinders monitoring in theatres.

Relatives or carers are asked not to stay on the unit as the Day Case Unit aims for patients to be discharged as soon as possible and recovery is quicker if patients can sleep and or relax in a quiet atmosphere. Exceptions can be made after negotiation with the nurse in charge of the shift. A time will be given to relatives/carers on admission to ring for an update later in the morning/afternoon. All patients having a general anaesthetic must be accompanied home by an adult.

Contact Details

Sarah Sharpe

Unit Sister
Giorgia Paparella

Direct unit Telephone Number

01432 364185

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