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Visiting has been stopped at our hospitals and there are changes in place to a number of services. For more details visit our Coronavirus page

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Hospital Facilities

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Costa Proud to Serve

Costa Proud to Serve is situated on the right as you enter the hospital through the main entrance. Opening hours are from 7.30am to 19.30pm seven days per week.

This café area offers a wide range of beverages and hot and cold snacks.

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Costcutter shop

Costcutter branded shop is situated on the left as you enter the hospital through the main entrance. Opening hours are from 7.00am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 5.30pm over the weekend and Bank holidays.

The shop offers a large variety of groceries, freshly baked bread, hot beverages, Newspapers and magazines and gifts.


Spires Restaurant

The main restaurant for visitors and staff ‘Spires Restaurant’ is located on the first floor opposite the pharmacy. Opening hours are from 9am to 2.30pm (the hot meal service finishes at 2pm), Monday to Friday.

This restaurant offers freshly made meals throughout the day and is a relaxing retreat during busy days. Card payments are accepted.


The Chapel

The Hospital Chaplaincy Team is committed to providing pastoral and religious support to patients, their families and staff, promoting all that makes for well being within the health care provided by Wye Valley NHS Trust.

The Chaplaincy is open for visitors from 7am to 8pm daily.

To contact the Chaplain please ask a member of ward staff or telephone the Hospital switchboard on 01432 355444.

Interpretation and Translation Services

Interpretation services are available on request. Please ask the ward sister or enquire at the main reception.


Wheelchairs are available for use on the hospital site and are located just past main reception. You will need to put a pound coin in the slot to release the chair which will be returned to you when you put it back (rather like the supermarket trolley system). This ensures that chairs are always available for use by patients and not left around the hospital.

Cash Back

A cash back service is available at the on site shop (inside main entrance of the hospital). Please note there is a minimum spend required of £5.00 to receive cash back.

Vending machines: Hot and Cold Drinks

Vending machines offering hot and cold beverages as well as a selection of snacks and microwaveable meals are located in a number of areas throughout the hospital. There is a central 24-hour vending area within the foyer of the Spires Restaurant.


Mobile telephones are only permitted in the main corridors of the hospital, as the use of these may interfere with medical equipment. If mobile phones are brought into hospital, please ensure that they are switched OFF when entering a ward of clinical area.

A personal phone for each patient is included in the 'Patientline' entertainment system. Please ask the ward staff.

Public payphones are available for outgoing calls and these are located near the main reception. These telephones cannot receive incoming calls nor can they take phone cards. We do supply a limited number of public payphones to use from wheelchairs. Please ask the ward staff where the nearest one is situated.


There are toilets for visitors on the main corridor of each floor.

Post box

There is a post box in main reception where post is collected twice a day. The last post is 5.30pm. If you are unable to get to the post box please tell the ward staff who will be able to help.

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