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How to find us and parking

The main entrance of the The County Hospital is located in Stonebow Road. The maps below show where the hospital is situated, along with locations of the main departments and wards.


Walking to your appointment/hospital 

Walking is often the quickest and easiest way to get around the city, if you are able to do this.  Walking routes across Hereford.

Bus travel

There is a bus stop on site at Hereford County Hospital and the bus station is next door. The three community hospitals all have stops nearby.  Timetables and Journey planning are available on Traveline or information is available on Bus travel 

Train travel

Hereford train station is less than a 10 minute walk. Journey planning and tickets are available on Trainline

Cycling and parking for bicycles

Cycling is often the quickest and easiest way to get around the city, if you are able to do this.  If you cycle across Hereford you can now take advantage of over twenty miles of dedicated traffic-free paths - Cycle paths, routes and improvements.  

Cycle racks are available in car park two at Hereford County Hospital (turn left at the mini roundabout on entry to the site from Stonebow Road).  These cycle racks are attached to the front of the brown metal clad building, which is over looked by the Parking Hut for additional security.

Beryl Bikes – It is now easier to travel around Hereford by bicycle, thanks to the introduction of an easy to use bike share scheme in the city.  The scheme has 184 Beryl Bikes available from 39 Beryl Bays. The Beryl Bays are located around the city in a distinctive green colour and there will be even more bays added to the network this year.  There is a Beryl Bike bay outside the front of Acute Medical Unit at Hereford County Hospital - past the main entrance in Car Park 1.

Park and cycle

Park and cycle locations - there are currently 23 Park and Choose sites around Herefordshire. Some of them include lockers for you to securely leave your bike overnight in - others near public transport routes include Cycle and Ride racks to secure your bike and continue your journey by bus or train. More information on each site can be found here.

Motorbike parking

Parking for motorbikes at Hereford County Hospital for visitors and patients is free.  

There are motorbike spaces located in Car Park 1 and Car Park 3. These can be accessed by going beside the incoming barrier. The car parking attendants in the blue hut in Car Park 2 are available to show you where these locations are.

Travelling by car

When attending an appointment or staying in hospital, if possible get somebody else to bring you. There is a ‘drop off point’ by the main entrance. If you decide to bring your own car, parking is limited so please leave in plenty of time. We have introduced a “pay on foot” system at Hereford Hospitals, where you pay on departure, ensuring you only pay for the length of your stay. If you need any assistance with car parking, please ask one of our car park attendants. Please also remember to bring some change with you.

If you are using a satellite navigation system please use the following address and postcode:

The County Hospital
Stonebow Road

Car Parking

There are two main types of car parking available at Hereford County Hospital.

  • Pay on Exit at the parking machine after your hospital appointment/visit - these are barrier controlled car parks.

  • Pay and Display - which requires coin payment at a pay machine prior to your hospital appointment/visit - see below.

Using the barrier controlled Car Parks 

The three main car parks are barrier controlled and are all located at the front of the hospital.

  • The camera will record your vehicle registration number, the barrier will then raise. When you go to pay, your registration number will be requested at the Pay Machine.
  • When you are ready to leave go to a pay station. There are four pay machines, two located outside of the main entrance and the other two next to the blue hut near the exit of car park 2.
  • Insert your vehicle registration number and the pay machine will display the total charge. The machine does take both notes, coins and card payments.  There is also an App which can be used.  If there are any problems please use the Help Button on the parking machine for assistance.
  • Once you have paid in full, go to your vehicle and drive to the exit point, the camera will then log your vehicle and raise the barrier for you to exit.

Using Pay and Display - two parking areas 

There are two areas of parking that remain pay and display.

These are the row of spaces further down from the Emergency Department (A&E) which are at the front of the Acute Medical Unit, and the area adjacent to the Fred Bulmer Building.

The pay and display ticket dispensers are situated next to each of the parking areas. Please ensure you use these machines only. The pay machines take payment as follows, machine located near Acute Medical Unit accepts card or coin payment.  The pay machine near the Fred Bulmer building currently accepts coins only.

If at any time you have any difficulty using the pay machine, the car park attendants are available to help. Please press the help button on the machine to contact them.

Car Parking Tariff

  • 10 minutes Free
  • Up to 1 hour £3.50
  • Up to 2 hours £5.00
  • Up to 3 hours £6.00
  • Up to 4 hours £7.00
  • Up to 5 hours £8.00
  • Up to 9 hours £12.00
  • Up to 24 hours £15.00

Charges apply 24 hours.

Parking for Disabled people

We provide free parking for disabled people with a valid Blue Badge who are attending hospital as a patient or visitor. Disabled patients and visitors receive free parking for the duration of their attendance at, or visit to, the hospital. 

Please see below as some parking areas require the Blue Badge and time arrived to be displayed in the car and for other parking areas you need to take you Blue Badge with you to get the concession applied.

  • For Pay and Display areas located next to the Fred Bulmer building and Acute Medical Unit - the disabled badge holder will need display their disabled badge with the time arrived in their windscreen. 

  • For Car parks 1, 2 and 3 which have barriers in place - the individual/companion is required to take the disabled Blue Badge to the car parking hut in Car Park 2 or to the general office, which is located next to the main reception at Hereford County Hospital and you will be given a free parking concession so that you can exit the car park. If you are unable to walk this distance there is an assistance button at the exit barrier to these car parks. Press the assistance button and a car park attendant will attend to assist.

Winged parking spaces for disabled drivers are available outside the main entrance at Hereford County Hospital in car park 1.

For community hospital sites at Leominster, Bromyard and Ross on Wye, you simply just need to display your valid blue badge when parking within a designated disabled space or within any other white lined parking space.

Car park concessions

Patient concessions - per 24 hour period. 

  • Emergency Department (A&E): where initial treatment is not received within the four hours, car parking charges will be discounted back so you would only pay for four hours
  • Disabled people with a valid Blue Badge attending hospital as a patient or visitor are entitled to free parking – see top of this page for more information and guidance
  • Outpatient departments: should a visit to the clinic exceed the two-hours local standard due to delays caused by the hospital, car parking charges will be discounted to the two-hour rate
  • Outpatient departments on top floor (Paediatrics and Women’s Health): should a visit to the clinic exceed the local three-hour standard due to delays caused by the hospital, car parking charges will be discounted to the three-hour rates
  • Carers in active care of patients on wards with nursing staff will have car parking charges discounted to the two-hour rate 
  • Parents/carers of children staying overnight: will have car parking charges discounted to the two-hour rate
  • All concession reductions are applicable per 24 hour period only.  
  • For example, if you are providing active care for a patient on a ward your car parking charge will be discounted to the two hour rate for that 24 hour period.  This means that you are required to pay for parking each day you attend and this will be at the two hour rate daily, not as a one off charge. 
  • The concessions in place if appointments have been delayed by the Trust, not for the time taken for treatment.

How to acces concessions

If you qualify for a concession the relevant ward/department will complete a concession slip. If you feel you may be eligible for this but have not been offered, please ask. The slip and your car parking ticket should then be taken to the general office which is located next to the main reception at Hereford County Hospital. They will validate your ticket to the appropriate rate between 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday. Out of hours the CP Plus Attendants will validate the concessions, please contact one of the attendants within the car parks.

Frequent parkers – patients and visitors
Frequent parkers (i.e. multiple visits in any one week) will qualify for a discount equivalent to the cost of the shortest stay in respect of any five visits in a seven-day period. The concession requires receipts from the new payment machines or Pay and Display tickets to be retained for proof of the cost.

Help with health costs – for patients
Further support is available to those on low-income from this national scheme. Details are available on 0845 8501166, or you can pick up an information leaflet, ref HC11, at the main Hospital reception. This scheme incorporates a range of assistance for a variety of health service costs.

Hospital travel costs schemes – for patients and escorts
This scheme supports costs incurred (where ambulance or ambulance car transport is not available) in transport and parking costs of patient visits to hospital.

The qualifications for support are those claiming:
  • Income Support  
  • Income-based Jobseekers’ Allowance  
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Pension Credit Guarantee Credit, or
  • You are named on a NHS tax credit exemption certificate card, or
  • You have a low income and named on a certificate HC2 (full help)/ HC3 (limited help)  
  • You are awarded Universal Credit  



Community Hospital car parking

To find out about community hospital parking click on the links below:




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