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Breast Surgery

The Breast Surgery Department specialises in diagnosing and managing breast disorders, and where necessary breast surgery is conducted to remove cancerous tumours and lymph nodes.

The County Hospital offers 10 patient clinics every week allowing excellent access to the breast services. These are specialist breast clinics where full diagnostics, including ultrasound, mammograms and biopsies are performed.

Clinics are a ‘one stop’ service, with all tests carried out in one visit, wherever possible. Breast abscesses can usually be treated in these clinics on an outpatient basis. Clinics also provide advice on family history.

Outline of the Department

The  Department has two dedicated Breast Surgeons, one visiting Breast Consultant and one Breast Physician.

  • Miss Jill Donnelly                

  • Mr Kaustuv Das

  • Mrs Vidya P Chandran (Visiting Consultant)

  • Dr Pamela Young  (Breast Physician)

Breast surgeons are supported by the Breast Care Nurses, who provide a specialist service for patients following a diagnosis of breast cancer. Services provided include:

  • Information on treatment options and post operative problems
  • Support; one to one support for emotional and psychological issues, as well as practical problems
  • Specialist advice for lymphoedema (mild and uncomplicated, related to breast cancer) and breast reconstruction, prosthetic fitting and assessments

The nurses are in attendance at breast clinics and are available in the Macmillan Renton Unit 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Links with other Departments

The department also has links with the following areas:

Breast Oncology Services

  • Provided by Dr Jessica Bailey, Dr Clive Charlton and Dr Daniel Nelmes on Thursday and Friday's.

    Secretaries: Janette Corrick and Donna Holmes
    Telephone: 01432 364107 extension 5777/5751

Breast Reconstruction and Oncoplastic Surgery 

Available at The County Hospital via:

  • Mr Kaustuv Das
  • Mrs VP Chandran
  • Mr Vikram Vijh, Plastic Surgery Consultant based in Queen Elizabeth Medical Centre, Birmingham

Services provided locally include Mammoplasties, Implant reconstruction, Lattismus Dorsi Flap reconstruction, fat transfer (lipofilling) and symmetrisation reduction etc.

DIEP flap reconstruction is provided at the Queen Elizabeth Medical Centre, Birmingham.

Telephone: 01432 364024

Genetic Service

  • Provided by Dr Trevor Coles at the Clinical Genetics Unit, Birmingham Women's Hospital.

    Telephone: 0121 607 4757

Lymphoedema Specialist Services 

  • Breast cancer patients with more complicated lymphoedema problems can be referred to the above service based at Gaol Street Health Clinic in Hereford and providing outreach clinics.      

Contact:  Lucy James, Emma Hope and Bridget Winterton
Telephone:   01432 372966






Available at The County Hospital via:

.   Mr Kaustuv Das

.   Mrs VP Chandran

.   Mr Vikram Vijh, Plastic Surgery Consultant based in Queen Elizabeth Medical Centre, Birmingham.


Contact details


Miss Jill Donnelly
01432  364028 – Secretary:  Tracey Buckley

Mrs Kaustuv Das
01432 355444 ext 4370 – Secretary:  Leah Sprot

Mrs Vidya Chandran – Visiting Consultant
01432 364028

Dr Pamela Young – Breast Physician
01432 364024 – Assistant Secretary: Chantelle Davies

Breast Care Nurses

(01432) 355444 ext 5770 - Jackie Jones, Tracey Horne, Dot Bithell and Kaija Assirati

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