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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy provides practical support to empower people to facilitate recovery and overcome barriers preventing them from doing the activities (or occupations) that matter to them. This support increases people's independence and satisfaction in all aspects of life.

"Occupation" as a term refers to practical and purposeful activities that allow people to live independently and have a sense of identity. This could be essential day-to-day tasks such as self-care, work or leisure.

Occupational therapists play a critical role in helping people of all ages overcome the effects of disability caused by illness, ageing or accident so that they can carry out everyday tasks or occupations.  They can help people to continue doing the daily activities that maintain their health and wellbeing and are important to them.

When occupational therapists work with people they focus on:

  • Enabling clients to function at an optimal level, despite barriers
  • How activities which the person needs or wants to do can be modified or adapted to make them easier
  • How clients feel about themselves and their ability to tackle problems
  • How the physical and social environment can be altered so that restrictions are reduced
  • Recommending equipment so the person feels confident carrying out essential tasks

Occupational Therapy team - mission and team objectives


We will empower and value the people of Herefordshire, whatever their ability or disability

  • choice
  • purpose
  • holistic
  • occupation


  • To empower the people of Herefordshire to live fulfilled lives through meaningful occupation
  • To embrace positive risk and encouraging self-ownership of health and well-being
  • To be advocates for change forward thinking with innovative practice. We will invest in our sustainable future
  • To be solutions-focused with a problem solving approach, enhancing occupational performance to overcome social and environmental barriers
  • To provide effective, evidence-based interventions with measurable outcomes, demonstrating value and worth 

Occupational therapy at Wye Valley NHS Trust

Occupational Therapists (OTS) work across the Trust as part of the multi-disciplinary team (MDT).

Contact Numbers for Occupational Therapists (Some may also be contacted via their clinical specialty)

  • Hereford County Hospital in-patients - 01432 355444 ext 5444
  • Hereford County Hospital in-patient stroke - Contact Wye Ward 01432 355444 ext 4111
  • Hereford County Hospital Out-patients (Hand therapy and Inflammatory Arthritis) - 01432 364026
  • Community Integrated Response HUB - 01432 808750
  • Bromyard Community Hospital In-patients - 01885 485709
  • Leominster Community Hospital In-patients - 01568 617348
  • Ross Community Hospital In-patients - 01989 561105
  • Ledbury Intermediate Care Unit In-patients - 01531 637613
  • Children’s Occupational Therapy (Community) - 01432 269584
  • Head of Service – Emma Hill - 01432 372995

The Teams at Wye Valley Trust work in liaison with Occupational Therapists based at:

  • Herefordshire Council - Equipment and Adaptations - 01432 260101
  • 2Gether Trust – Mental Health - 01432 842200
  • Learning Disabilities - 01432 383400
  • Herefordshire Community Equipment Store - 0300 1000045

Please call the Community Equipment Store to arrange to return equipment if you no longer need it.

Opportunities to meet the team

If you are interested in working in Occupational Therapy as a profession we can offer you a day of work experience, please call 01432 372995. 

If you are a qualified Occupational Therapist and are interested in discussing opportunities to work on our Bank or to find out about any current and forthcoming vacancies within the Trust, please call 01432 372995.

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Useful Links

Royal College of Occupational Therapists

Children Occupational Therapy life skills workshop

Follow this link to a page specifically for children and young people, their parents and carers, who are receiving support from the children occupational therapy service.

Twitter feed @WVT-OT

Contact Details

Head of Occupational Therapy 
Emma Hill 

For contact details for our team members see the main OT page left.

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