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Same Day Emergency Care Unit

Same Day Emergency Care Unit (SDEC) - medical 

The SDEC is located near to the Emergency Department at Hereford County Hospital.

  • Our Same Day Emergency Care Unit works alongside the Emergency Department allowing specialist hospital staff to rapidly assess and diagnose patients whose condition can be treated without the need for an overnight stay in hospital. 
  • It operates seven days a week.
  • Patients are referred to the unit by Emergency Department staff or their GP for conditions such as chest problems, abdominal pain, and seizures.

Surgical Same Day Emergency Care (SSDEC)

The Surgical Same Day Emergency Care (SSDEC) is located near to our Emergency Department at Hereford County Hospital.  This is open during day time hours Monday to Sunday. 

Frailty Same Day Emergency Care Unit (FSDEC)   

We also provide a Frailty Same Day Emergency Care Unit (FSDEC), which sits along side the  Emergency Department. The unit provides specialist care which focusses on providing a safe, timely discharge following a comprehensive assessment on the same day.

The Acute Frailty Team consists of multidisciplinary professionals who provide clinical assessment, appropriate investigations, medication management and healthcare advice. The team have access to community services such as social support, rehabilitation and hospital at home. Most patients seen in FSDEC will be discharged home the same day.

Patients need to fulfil certain criteria to be accepted into FSDEC to ensure clinical safety. FSDEC works closely with the Emergency Department, the ambulance services, the Acute Medical Unit and the Frailty inpatient wards.

What is frailty?

There is no single definition of frailty, but most people recognise that it is a state of increased vulnerability to adverse health outcomes. Older people living with frailty are less able to adapt to stressors such as acute illness, trauma or even social conditions.

It is important that we identify frail patients and give you the right care in hospital and at home to ensure that you live well with frailty and avoid any of the known risks. This matters because admission to hospital can be disruptive and can bring its own problems for someone who is showing signs of frailty.

Opening hours

  • Open 24 hours

Location and directions (from nearest hospital entrance)

  • Through main entrance, turn left onto main corridor and it is located on the left after about 200 metres.

Nearest car park

Multiple car parks available on site.





SDEC contact details

SDEC - medical

01432 355444 ext 1778 or 4119

Louise Weaver 

SDEC - surgical


01432 355444 ext 2929


SDEC - frailty 

01432 355444 ext 1705 or 2929

Clair Watkins

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