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Adult community and outpatient team

Community adult Speech and Language Therapy


The community outpatient’s service is available at the County Hospital in Hereford. We see adults with the following acquired conditions:

  • Voice disorders
  • Speech disorders (e.g. slurred speech, pitch/volume problems)
  • Language disorders
  • Swallowing difficulties

The exception to this is if you have had a stroke when you will be seen by the SLT from Community Stroke Services or if you have a stammer (please see section on stammering).

Home visits

Home visits are available for those who are unable to get to hospital due to severe difficulties with their mobility or health.

How can I access Speech and Language Therapy?

If you have difficulties with speech or language you can refer yourself to Speech and Language Therapy or ask a health professional to refer you. If you are having difficulties with swallowing you will need a GP or Consultant to refer you for a swallowing assessment. Anyone with difficulties with their voice will need to see an ENT doctor prior to seeing a Speech and Language Therapist. You can be referred for this assessment through your GP.


Speech and Language Therapy Services
Speech and Language Therapy Department
Vaughan Building
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Tel: 344344 or 363975 

Speech and Language Therapy
Wye Valley NHS Trust
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Tel: 01432 355444 ext 5155


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