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What to do if you have a fall

If you have a fall stay calm and try not to panic

If you are able to get up:

Do NOT attempt the above if you have had a hip or knee replacement in the past 6 weeks unless taught by a physiotherapist.

1. Roll onto one side

2. Ease onto your elbows

3. Push up onto hands and knees into a crawling position

4. Crawl to a sturdy piece of furniture, e.g. table or chair

5. Put both hands up onto the furniture 

6. Bring your strongest leg up, place your foot flat on the floor

7. Push up with your arms and legs onto both feet

8. Turn around to sit and rest

You can have a rest at any stage in the process, but if you cannot get up, do not endlessly keep trying. Save some energy to keep yourself warm and moving while you call and wait for help.

If you are unable to get up:

Attract help

  • Use a telephone or personal alarm
  • Bang on the floor or shout

Keep warm

  • Cover yourself with towels / blankets / rugs, etc

Keep moving

  • Try to change position and move all your joints
  • Move to a dry space if you relieve your bladder

Have a plan in case you fall:

How will I get help?

  • Personal alarm
  • Carry a telephone with you
  • Know who you will telephone and have the number to hand

Can helpers get into the house?

  • Leave a key with someone you Trust
  • Consider a keysafe

Can I learn how to get up from the floor?

  • Use this leaflet and keep it to hand
  • Contact a health professional for advice

Are you unsteady on your feet?

  • Contact a health professional for advice on services to improve your balance
  • Stay active
  • Understand your medicines 
  • Eat well and drink plenty of fluids
  • Look after your feet and walking aids
  • Have regular vision and hearing checks
  • Check for home hazards

Tell a health professional about your fall. There may be a treatable cause.

Useful links

Click on this link to access the get up and go booklet

Click on this link to access the we're talking about your generation booklet 

Click on this link to access get up and go exercises



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