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Ockenden report actions

The Ockenden Report was published in December 2020 and contained 7 immediate and Essential Actions for all Maternity Trusts. Information about the Ockenden Report is available on the NHS website.

Take a look at some of the ways, outlined below, that we are implementing these actions at Wye Valley NHS Trust.

Wye Valley NHS Trust is proud of the safe and kind service we provide to women and their families, but it’s important to always strive for improvement. Every member of staff has a part to play.

Please contact our Matron for Quality and Safety if you have any ideas or want further information regarding this on 01432 355444 ext 5386. 

Maternity service information

Maternity policies and guidelines 

Please contact the Trust's communications team if you wish to view a WVT maternity policy and/or guideline.

Wye Valley NHS Trust - Ockenden report actions/progress


Standard required

Our progress

Enhanced safety

Trusts must work collaboratively to ensure serious incidents are investigated thoroughly and Trust Board must have oversight of these

Trust Board has regular oversight of all incidents in maternity

LMNS (Local Maternity & Neonatal System) has oversight of all incidents and serious incidents in maternity

Through enhanced learning from incidents across the Trust we have embedded a high-quality system of learning and clinical change

Continued use of multi-disciplinary learning within the Trust and across our foundation groups & LMNS footprint

Listening to Women and their Families

Maternity Services must ensure women and their families have their voices heard

Continue to work closely with our MVP to include the voices of women across Herefordshire & support our MVP Chair in increasing MVP Membership

Produced a clear Collaboration Plan and continue to work closely with Board Level Safety Champions

Consultant attends our public MVP meetings

Staff Training & Working Together

Staff who work together must train together and MDT Ward Round Twice Daily

Introduced Internationally & nationally recognised PROMPT multi-disciplinary training and education which is delivered to all staff groups, learning & working together as one team

Secured ring-fenced funding which has facilitated multi-disciplinary training for all members of the team  

Managing Complex Pregnancies

There must be robust pathways in place for managing women with complex pregnancies

Working alongside Worcester Royal Hospital and we are now providing clinics at Hereford for women needing specialist maternal medical care

Auditing complex care pathways and ensuring women know who their named Consultant is 

Risk Assessment Throughout Pregnancy

Staff must ensure that women undergo risk assessments in pregnancy at each contact

Continue to ensure all women have thorough and robust risk assessments at all contacts in pregnancy and we monitor this closely

Ensuring care is in line with  risk assessment requirements

Risk assessing and ensuring place of birth is appropriate for the mum and her baby

Monitoring Fetal Wellbeing

Dedicated leads for Fetal Monitoring who champion best practice in fetal surveillance

We have 2 dedicated fetal monitoring leads in the unit

A Consultant Obstetrician and Specialist Midwife, who are facilitating training, supporting staff upskilling & providing expert opinion at incident reviews

Informed Consent

Women must have access to accurate information to enable informed choice

Ensuring all information is easily accessible, and up-to-date, evidence based and available for women to view on their electronic notes

Ensuring women and families can make informed decisions about their care



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