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Who is who?

During your maternity journey, you see staff in different coloured uniforms.

Here is an explanation of what these different colour uniforms mean.

Amie Symes (in red uniform) - associate chief of midwifery

Associate Chief of Midwifery

Navy tunic with red piping - consultant midwife

Consultant Midwife

Navy tunics – midwife in charge

Midwife in Charge

The midwife caring for you will be keeping the midwife in charge updated on what is happening during your labour. If she has any concerns or needs any support then she will ask the midwife in charge to come into your room.

Royal blue – midwife


This will be the midwife caring for you, one-to-one, during your labour whilst you are on the delivery suite or they will be be your lead carer when you are on the maternity ward. 

Pink – maternity support worker

Maternity Support Worker

They will support you with your feeding choice, carry out any observations on you and/or baby and help with your care and the care of your baby. 

Grey – midwifery care workers

Health Care Assistant

Support workers will come and assist with routine observations, such as taking your blood pressure, helping to change your bed, supporting you with feeding your baby. 

White – student midwives

Student Midwife

Students will be working under the supervision of a midwife. 

Purple – housekeepers


They are responsible for stock supply and keeping the wards clean and tidy. 

Dark green – ward clerks

Ward Clerk

They are responsible for all the administration tasks on the ward.

Yellow - smoking cessation support workers

 Smoking cessation support workers

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