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Special Care Baby Unit

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Special Care Baby Unit


Welcome to the Special Care Baby Unit at Hereford County Hospital located on the second floor. 

Your baby may be on the unit because they require additional care. Our staff are all here to support you and help care for your baby.

On this website page, you will find helpful information about parental access to the unit, visiting arrangements, what you may need, quiet time, feeding your baby, and useful links to information and support. 

Please see the menu on the right side of this page to access this helpful information.

We have two video tours of the Special Care Baby Unit - an interactive tour as detailed below, which includes a video to play or you can view the various rooms within the unit by clicking on explore 3D space or floor plan, and we also have our video tour filmed in June 2011 below.  

Interactive neonatal unit tour

The interactive neonatal unit tours have been designed to help families understand what to expect before they arrive on the unit. The 3D tour enables families to explore the unit, get to know their way around, and includes useful information such as:

  • Directions and facilities
  • Commonly used equipment
  • Educational videos
  • Support available
  • Useful website links

Tips for exploring the video tour

Our interactive tour includes a video to play or you can view the various rooms within the unit by clicking on explore 3D space or floor plan on the video screen and you can enlarge the tour to view in full screen. 

  • For a brief guided tour of the space, select the play button in the lower left of the screen.

  • To explore the 3D space, click the person image. This takes you onto the unit to move around the rooms and explore.

  • There are different coloured tags within the tour that you can select as follows:

  • Red tag – hospital information, parking and how to find us
  • Blue tag – general information and equipment
  • Yellow tag - videos
  • Purple tag – feeding information
  • Pink tag – food and drink facilities
  • Select the magnifying glass icon for quick search for information


Virtual tour of Special Care Baby Unit

Video filmed in June 2021

You and your baby may require to spend time on the special care baby unit.  We are a dedicated team of neonatal healthcare professionals who will ensure that you and your baby receive the best possible care.

Our vision is to follow the principles of Family Integrated Care, a model that integrates parents as partners in care, involving you in all aspects of your baby’s care, encouraging you to interact with your baby whilst establishing a close and loving relationship with your baby. 

Our aim is to support you to be confident in learning to care for your baby once they are well enough to go home.   Our staff are dedicated to supporting you with your chosen method of feeding to help you achieve successful responsive feeding prior to discharge home.  

Patient property

Read about keeping your personal/patient property safe whilst at the Trust on the main Maternity website page.

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