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We are fortunate to have approximately 100 volunteers who are highly valued, not least for the generosity with which they give their time, but for the dedication and commitment they bring to the Trust.

Our volunteers are invaluable in helping us obtain feedback from patients about their hospital experience, which is used to inform the national NHS inpatient survey and also the Friends and Family Test.

You can join our volunteer team and choose from many opportunities to help and contribute to your local hospital. You may assist patients, help visitors and families or support staff, where needed. Whatever your interests, we are sure to have something to suit your needs, skills and spare time!

Wye Valley NHS Trust voluntary services department ensures that volunteers are placed, orientated and given basic training on their service areas. 

Volunteers have expressed how much they value this experience especially:

  • Having a sense of satisfaction from helping others
  • Meeting people and making friends
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Creating a balance in your life
  • Using skills that enhance your professional life
  • Receiving recognition
  • Gaining valuable experience in a hospital environment before embarking on a career in healthcare or going to University

Who are our volunteers?

Volunteers come from all different backgrounds: some are retired, while others are employed or maybe wanting a career change, or break. Young people are welcome but it is not possible to consider them for some opportunities unless they are over 17 years. Many young people who are considering applying to study medicine, nursing, or other professions allied to medicine may find spending time doing voluntary work will help them decide on a future career.

IMPACT: Volunteer Placements for 17-23 year olds 

6 Months + Placement : Long- term Impact.  Looking for a career in social care or health care and in need of experience? Wye Valley NHS Trust voluntary services department will discuss volunteer options with you to ensure that you are placed in a context which suits your interests.

Information Hub and signposting for patients, carers and visitors – we’re here to help 

Our Information Hub and signposting service is available for patients, carers and visitors, which is located at Hereford County Hospital, opposite main reception. The Information Hub is run jointly with WVT trained volunteers and patient advice and liaison staff, in partnership with Talk Community.  Our friendly team is on hand at the Hub providing wellbeing information and signposting people to services, groups, and events across the county. Come along and find out more.

Volunteers DO make a difference every day! 

  • They enhance the care provided by hospital staff
  • Make patients stay more comfortable and so help speed their recovery
  • Allow staff more time to concentrate on the tasks they have been trained for
  • Provide patients with services that make their hospital experience less stressful

What do our volunteers do?

Volunteers really can make a difference to the experience of those who visit our hospitals

It is important to remember that volunteers are not there to do the work of a paid member of staff but to enhance the services already provided.

Volunteers do not provide any hands on clinical care but many are directly involved with patients by providing support in other ways.

We have a wide variety of roles available and are currently looking to develop these further.  A few of our current roles include:

  • Ward helpers including maternity and children’s ward
  • Pharmacy runners
  • Macmillan Renton Unit information centre
  • Way finders
  • Emergency department
  • Information HUB team

Can I volunteer?

We welcome all volunteers from age 17; there is no upper age limit. There is however a minimum requirement to commit to volunteer for at least 6 months due to the application and training process.

All volunteers are recruited via a similar process to paid staff; this includes the need for references, and a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check.  You will also be required to attend an annual mandatory training session.

Still interested?

Please contact 01432 355444 then ext. 5519 or to find out more.


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