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Childrens hearing service

We are able to provide the early identification, assessment and intervention of children with hearing difficulties. We use a family friendly, accessible service. We work in partnership with parents and carers delivering a flexible and responsive service which can adapt to your individual needs. Any child or young person with ages 0-19 years can choose to use the Centre.

The Children's Hearing Centre has been purpose built and sound-proofed. If you are unable to come and see us we will visit you in your own home. Our team includes our Head of Service, audiologists, assistant technical officers who also visit schools to offer hearing tests to all children during year 1 at primary school. 

If your doctor refers you to our clinic we allow a choice of appointment date and time of some of our clinics through choose and book. We are able to provide the early identification, assessment and intervention of hearing difficulties, within a family friendly, accessible service. We can diagnose hearing loss and provide hearing aids. Recommend referral to ENT in hospital. Improve communication abilities for hearing impaired children. Offer timely hearing assessment where there is concern about a child's hearing, speech and language development or behaviour. Counselling by an audiologist is given at all appointments.


Our staff

Please find below the details of our staff:

  • Samantha Cooper        
    Head of Audiology

  • Michelle Little
    Clinical Scientist

  • Deborah Allen

  • Debra Hollis
    Assistant Technical Officer

  • Denise Prothero
    Audiology Secretary


Children's Hearing Centre
Ross Road

Tel No01432 349620




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