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Children's occupational therapy life skills

This page is specifically for Children and Young People and their parents and carers.

Below you will find a list of leaflets, resources and advice that you may find useful.



Coordination booklet - coming soon



Useful links:

Cosmic Kids-



Cutlery -

Motivation – Virtuous Feedback cycle

Life skills for teenagers-

Life skills for little ones-


The OT toolbox. So many skills can be built on with what you already have at home. If there is an area your child has particular difficulty with there are a range of toys and ideas found within these links.



Life skills 1 Introduction

Life skills 2 Factors affecting engagement

Life skills 3 Chaining

Life skills 4 Core

Life skills 5 Gross motor

Life skills 6 Shoelaces

Life skills 7 Meal times

Life skills 8 Dressing

Life skills 9 Personal care

Life skills 10 Routines

Life skills 11 Play




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