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District nursing

District nursing work is preventive and supportive. It can also be highly technical, intensive and practical. The nature of the work is unpredictable and changeable; this requires the District Nurse to be responsive, flexible and adaptable. We work in teams and each team works closely with you and your general practitioner, as well as other people involved in your care.

District Nurses are the face of the NHS for many patients outside of hospital. We can be a key professional in providing practical support and a key confidante for both you and your carer.  One in four people over the age of 75, and one in two of those aged over 85, will receive care from a District Nurse. We will see you in your own home. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide advice, holistic assessment, signposting and a comprehensive range of nursing treatments that enable you to avoid unnecessary admission to hospital, or where hospitalisation is necessary, to facilitate early discharge. The purpose of the service is to ensure that housebound residents within Herefordshire are able to access highly skilled nursing care when they are unable to do so elsewhere.


District Nursing Team Contact Numbers

City (patients of Hereford Medical Group Surgery)

Telephone:  01432 370373

Email address: hmg.districtnurses@nhs.net


City (patients of Wargrave, Belmont and Cantilupe Surgeries)

Telephone:  01432 342211                               

Email address: wbc.districtnurses@nhs.net



Telephone: 01885 488032                 

Email address: District.nursesbromyard@nhs.net



Telephone: 01531 633469                

Email address: district.nursesledbury@nhs.net



Telephone: 01989 769081               

Email address: District.nursesross@nhs.net


Golden Valley

Telephone: 01432 340861                   

Email address: goldenvalley.districtnurses@nhs.net



Telephone: 01544 230010              


Surgeries: Kington & Weobley

Email address: kington.districtnurses@nhs.net



Telephone: 01568 610155                  


Surgeries: Westfield Walk, The Marches & Kingsland

Email address: Leominster.districtnurses@nhs.net

When telephoning the district nurses you may be connected to an answerphone.  Please leave a message as these are checked at regular intervals.  Please ring if your message is urgent and needs a response within 2 working days.

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