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Occupational therapy sensory workshop/sensory information and resources for parents and carers

This page is specifically for Children and Young People and their parents and carers.

Sensory workshop booklet

Please click on THIS LINK to read the Sensory Workshop Booklet which will need to be completed as you progress thorugh the workshop videos.We suggest that you may find it easier to print the booklet before and/or save it to your computer.


Below you will find a list of leaflets, resources and advice that you may find useful.


Bathing Skills

Bath time

Visual aid for bath routine - boys

Visual aid for bath routine - girls


Examples from workshops

Examples of applying this knowledge to everyday activities


Feeding skills

Feeding skills leaflet

Meal times 


Hair and nail care skills

Hair care

Nail cutting

Visual aid for getting a haircut 


Heavy muscle work

 Heavy muscle work activities


Messy play

Graded approach to messy play


Sensory workshop workbook

Sensory workshop workbook


Teeth cleaning

Teeth cleaning

Visual aid for teeth brushing


Useful internet links

Sensory Integration Education

ERIC The Children's Bladder and Bowel Charity

The Children's Sleep Charity

Joining in with sensory differences

Youtube links for video content

Sensory workshop 1 - to be watched after workshop clip 1

Sensory workshop 2 - to be watched after workshop clip 2


Miscellanous documents

Alternative positions for learning

Sensory motor circuits























































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