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Elliot Werner-de-Sondberg

Elliot Werner-de-Sondberg started his pre-registration year at Wye Valley NHS Trust in 2016. 

Elliot said: "I started working as a Pre-registration Pharmacist at Wye Valley NHS Trust three weeks after graduating from Keele University. I immediately felt welcome in Hereford and value living in a small but busy city, so close to the countryside. I mostly had community pharmacy experience before starting, which meant quickly adapting to a range of new systems.

To help the transition from student to full-time pre-registration pharmacist – and to keep track of my progress – I have informal weekly meetings with my tutor, and support from other pharmacists and technicians (e.g. dispensing mentor). Everyone in the department has been hugely supportive, always willing to explain (and re-explain) unfamiliar topics.

I've had the opportunity to learn in a friendly environment.

Rotating through clinically-diverse wards, I conduct medicines reconciliations and review patients with experienced pharmacists. I am expected to discuss discrepancies with ward staff (e.g. doctors, nurses, dietitians) and my input has always felt valued. In addition to time spent on the wards, I have had the opportunity to:

  • Shadow specialist rheumatology and mental health pharmacists
  • Complete aseptic training, and manufacture cytotoxic products
  • Complete Medicines Information (MiCAL) training, to answer enquiries from the public and a range of healthcare professionals
  • Conduct an audit, presenting the results at a multidisciplinary team meeting
  • Attend regular study days, meeting other pre-registration pharmacists in the West Midlands

Wye Valley NHS Trust has been hugely beneficial in my professional development. I’ve had the opportunity to learn in a friendly environment, and my input has directly affected patient care. The Pharmacy Department and my tutor have always encouraged me to seek unique opportunities to broaden my experiences, which will allow me to offer the highest standards of care as I move into a band 6 rotational pharmacist position".

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