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Evie Taylor

Evie Taylor  - Senior Assistant Technical Officer 


I’m Evie and I am a Senior Assistant Technical Officer at the WVT Pharmacy. As a pharmacy assistant technical officer the typical busy day starts off in the main dispensary, where all the pharmacy staff work extremely hard to process work and dispense orders and prescriptions safety and in a timely manner. As a part of the ward-based team, I head off to my allocated ward around mid-morning to check patient medication lockers and when needed, order any new patient specific medication to reduce discharge waiting times.

It was an easy choice deciding to apply for a position in the pharmacy department, I had always found health and science interesting and knew that I always wanted to work in a care environment.

Attention to detail and concentration are important skills to have when working in a lively and challenging atmosphere such as the pharmacy, it is a truly interesting job where you learn something new every day. I would recommend the job to anyone thinking of joining the pharmacy and encourage people to consider applying. You don’t need a pharmaceutical background to apply and our ATO team come from a range of multidisciplinary roles before starting their careers at the pharmacy.

In my opinion the best part of my job is the endless routes for progression and chances for new opportunities within the department, as well as being able to work among friendly and supportive colleagues that are constantly looking out for you and are always so helpful.

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